Learn How to Embed an iframe in a PowerPoint Presentation

Learn How to Embed an iframe in a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation is the effective way to explain or to understand the things; mostly Presentations are used in companies and colleges. You can attach media files along with the text such as images and videos. Now let us study about how to embed an iframe in a PowerPoint Presentation.

To enhance a PowerPoint Presentation, the way is by adding web objects into it. If the PowerPoint doesn’t support to insert a live website, then there are still possibilities of doing it by using the right PowerPoint add-in.

There are three steps that are to be followed in order to embed an iframe:

2043.image_037A29A8The iframe tag is used to display an HTML document within another and you need not have knowledge about HTML to insert web objects into your presentation. Only you need to download iSpring Converter Pro which is available for free. This software will enable you to incorporate live navigable web pages only and will enhance your PowerPoint presentations in a number of different ways that are not limited. You are free enough to add other elements to your PowerPoint presentation, such as YouTube videos, presenter info and other external resources.

After downloading iSpring Converter Pro 8, you can easily add web objects to your presentation.

  1. Open the website that you wish to add in your presentation and copy the URL of the respective web page. Find its embedding code when you need to insert a certain element of the web page.

In order to insert an element of a webpage, select and copy the URL from the embed code. Video hosting sites that are most popular will provide the users with codes for uploaded videos.

To insert an element of a web page to your presentation, select and copy the URL from the embed code.

  1. Open the PowerPoint and on PowerPoint ribbon click the iSpring converter Pro 8 and on the iSpring Converter toolbar choose the Web Object button.

There you will find an open window and paste the copied URL to insert the chosen element. Preview option is available to check the entered address is correct or wrong.

  1. To playback the web objects, convert the presentation to HTML5 and there is no need to download the 3rd party tool. Now follow the below steps:
  • On the iSpring Converter Pro toolbar click the Publish button.
  • Choose the Web option in the Publish Presentation window.
  • In the Presentation title field, type the name of your presentation.
  • From the list of output options choose Mobile (HTML5) format.

A new window that shows a preview of your presentation will open once you complete the

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