Formatted Hard Drive Recovery

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive is the main part of any system; basically acts as a storehouse were you keep personal and private files. If you’re a computer user then surely you’ll have a hard drive in it and that hard drive will have a OS installed in it. If we talk about OS’s, Windows is used because of amazing features and easy to use interface. Many of us use hard drive to store vital information, if any unforeseen happened then there are chances of data loss from these drives. Generally, files went missing from hard drive if any improper operation performed on it or sometimes software conflicts are responsible.

When we talk about improper operations, accidental formatting of the hard disk comes first in front of our eyes. This momentary lapse disaster takes place when the user selects wrong drive for formatting. And after performing this operation they realize that they put themselves in problem because all the files and folders stored in that hard drive are removed. Most of the computer users think that any of the files which is erased due to formatting of the hard disk cannot be restored back. But the actual truth is that you can easily get them back if you follow the guidelines provided by this software.

Yes, this software means, Windows Unformat software. You can easily resolve all the problems if you take help of this application. It is specially developed with advance algorithms that scan the formatted hard disk drive in order to rescue your vital data. As accidental formatting of HDD is one reason for data loss, like this some other major reasons are also there which are mentioned below. Have a look on these problems to avoid these circumstances in future:

  • Virus or Malware Infection: It is the common reason among hard drive users, when your hard drive is infected with severe virus infection and your anti-virus program also unable to fix it. Then the only option left to remove it from the drive is formatting. To avoid these problems, use a good and updated anti-virus program.
  • MBR Corruption: Any issue with Master Boot Record sometimes forces user to format the hard drive. MBR is the most important section as it is essential for proper booting of Windows OS. Generally, MBR gets corrupted when your system restarts continuously because of improper power supply or sometimes virus infection plays important role to corrupt it.
  • OS Crashing Issues: Many times, OS installed on hard drive crashes due to unknown factors. If something like this happens then you have to install new OS and for that you have to format the hard disk drive.
  • Bad Sectors on HDD:  Whenever bad sectors are created on hard disk, user cannot store any new files there and also cannot access the files which were store there. So you have to format the hard drive if you want to remove these bad sectors from HD.

If you formatted hard drive due to any of the reasons which are mentioned above and now want to regain all the files and folders easily, then just make use of Unformat Windows application because it is the best tool available in the market in order to unformat hard disk in few easy steps. Industry experts worldwide recommended this tool as the best because it provides a feature of previewing recovered files from formatted hard drives before saving.

A misconception which roams in most of the hard drive users that files and folders can’t be restored back from formatted hard disk. The real truth is that you can retrieve data from formatted hard drive. When user format the hard drive, the address locations provided to the files to access them are removed and these pointers are flagged as free to store new data. Actual files are still there until user overwrites that space with new files. If you want to get back data from formatted hard disk then don’t use the drive after formatting because if new files overwrite that empty space then recovery is difficult.

After these uncertain instances, stop using the hard disk further and make use this advance application to recover all the files and folders at your fingertips. You can also use this ultimate tool to unformat pen drive which is formatted due to unknown reasons. It also facilitates user to get back data from formatted memory card, iPod and from external hard drive as well. Amateur users can also utilize this application because it is designed with a simple graphical user interface to make formatted hard disk recovery much more ease.

Author: anyismco