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  • Simple Approach to Fix Damaged MOV Video Files

    MOV is a video file container which contains many tracks like audio, video. QuickTime player is the default media player of MOV video file which is developed and launched by Apple Inc. MOV video file can be played on both Mac and Windows OS installed systems efficiently. Nowadays MOV videos are created by more number of electronic gadgets with .mov file extension. So it is one of the widely used and trustworthy video file formats. Although, there are some chances in which these MOV video file may get damaged and become unplayable.

    If your most important MOV video file gets damaged means you will get worried because those video files may be irreplaceable or precious one. If you are encounter such issue then stop getting worried and be calm!! Nowadays, you can fix damaged MOV file with the help of reliable repairing tool known as MOV Video Repair Software which is more efficient to repair MOV file which is corrupted because of any reason. This powerful tool is containing special inbuilt read-only mechanism which fixes unplayable MOV file without doing any modification on original file.

    MOV video repairHow MOV Files may get Corrupted or Damaged?

    Virus is harmful program which can erase the vital information stored in the MOV file and it will affect the two tracks like video and audio of the MOV files. Sometimes some unexpected error may take place in the electronic gadgets like camcorder, digital camera, webcam, etc. that may causes video file corruption or damage. You may interrupt while moving MOV video files to any flash storage devices like abrupt removable of memory card from electronic gadgets, which could be the reason for corruption of video file. We all know header file is the vital part of any video file because while playing the video files, header files will be checked by the any media player. If the header file get missed or corrupted means media player can not be able to play the video files. While downloading video file some interruption may happen before finishing the download process like abrupt system shutdown which may cause severe corruption. If you are using any unreliable media player means the chances of video file corruption become fairly high. Improper video file recovery using unreliable software also the main reason of video file damage because your unreliable software may modify the original file.

    Why MOV Video Repair Software is highly recommended?

    • This tool can fix the truncated video files, codec error in video file and audio lagging in video file effectively.
    • Fixing header file damaged video files can be performed using this tool because this tool can repair the broken header files within a few steps.
    • This tool fixes corrupt MP4 file and it can fix any video file errors like encrypted or synchronization errors.
    • It supports all the popular versions of Windows OS like Windows 8 and Windows 7 and Mac OS versions such as Yosemite and Mavericks.
    • This tool has simple user interface therefore you can use this tool in easy-to-use manner.
    • Fixed video file can be previewed in the demo version of this tool. In order to save those video files you need to purchase the full version of this tool.
  • Easy Method of Fixing MOV Files

    Hi, I recorded a 400MB video with my IPod that is not playing on the system. I do not know how something happened to the .mov file but now it is corrupted and cannot be played on different player. I tried converting .mov file to other file formats and playing with media players like VLC media player, etc. and still at the same stage. Can anybody recommend me how to play .mov files in iMovie?


    There might be the many reasons behind MOV file corruption including sudden interruption while moving MOV files to other storage device, usage of any defective third party program, abrupt system shutdown while watching MOV video file on iMovie and many other scenarios can lead to inaccessibility of MOV file. Moreover, if you are facing this kind of problem with play .mov files in iMovie those in iMovie player simply utilize this Media Recovery Software. It has the potential to fix damaged MOV file on iMovie player, QuickTime media player, etc with great ease.

    There are many video file formats like WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, etc. Among them MOV is one of the popular file format that is used to store audio as well as video tracks. While your player holds up MOV as an input format, it takes the video and streams it only if it is having right codec’s and also set exactly at specific frame rate. Apart from that you can come across that .mov file cannot be played on iMedia if it has become corrupted or damaged due to any unexpected reason. Basically, you would not be able to stream MOV file on iMovie when:

    • MOV Header file corruption: Sometimes, if you change the file format from MOV to MP4 and vice versa start experiencing error messages during the conversion process result in corruption of MOV video file and unable to open. This can result in corruption of MOV header file making the entire video files inaccessible.
    • Virus Attacks: This can be one of the bad situations faced by every user. However, severe virus or malware attacks can damage or corrupt MOV files that in turn lead to inaccessibility of MOV file.
    • Faulty Firmware: There might be the chances of MOV video file get damaged due to faulty firmware truncated by camcorder due to low battery. Even MOV video file gets damaged due to incomplete transfer process, improper download process and many others.

    Whatever might be the reason behind corruption of MOV file, it is suggested to always have a proper backup of your MOV file and avoid using any third party application to prevent severe virus or malware attacks. However, for better functionality and high reliability simply make use of MOV Repair application, which comes up with automated mend option to fix large sized corrupt MOV file and separate out video and audio data streams in order to adjoin them to create relevant playable video file. This is an excellent program not only fix corrupt MOV file, but can also repair the damaged or broken M4V and MP4 video file that reject to play.

    Further, in order to know How to play .mov files in iMovie player just use this strong utility with great ease. Moreover, with the help of this application you can efficiently fix and play .mov files in iMovie created and recorded on professional DSLR digital camera and camcorder of various manufacturing brands including Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Kodak, etc. It is a one stop result to fix damage MOV video file on all newest versions of Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc. In addition, you can use this simple user interface to repair broken MOV video file on Windows OS 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc.