Recover data after system format

  • Approach to Retrieve Data after System Format

    In this digital era hard disk has become the most suitable location to store wide range of information. It allows you to store huge amount of data efficiently and quickly. Hard drive can be divide into multiple sections known as partitions with different size and can be formatted separately though all the partition reside about the same hard disk. Generally formatting is a two level process that prepares a partition on the hard drive to accept an operating system along with the files and other programs. Low level formatting is done at the factory before the hard drive is shipped that erases all the data and prepares the drive for a logical structure. High level formatting creates a FAT and root directory on the hard drive.

    While formatting the system hard drive you may come across certain circumstances for loss of data from different partitions of the hard drive. Assume that your system has infected with some harmful viruses. These viruses have the ability to delete most of the files stored on the system drive. So you decided to make use of the antivirus program to get rid of this problem. But that antivirus program fails to remove virus completely from the hard drive. This is because the antivirus program which you are using is not updated and cannot remove viruses. In such cases formatting the drive is the only solution to solve this problem. And you formatted the drive then all the files stored on the drive gets deleted which results in huge data loss. Don’t get panic because you can rescue data from hard drive after format easily by using the hard drive format recovery software.

    Some of the other reasons for loss of data are mentioned below

    • Installation of multiple Operating Systems: To install multiple Operating Systems on the same system hard drive, you have to format the partition where you want to install another Operating System. During the process of installing the another Operating System, if you select the wrong partition to format and install which contains an essential data then you may lose all the data stored on that partition resulting in huge data loss.
    • Formatting hard drive to increase the system performance: When the system becomes slow in its performance due to malware infection or due to unlimited number of waste application then you can format the drive to increase its performance. Before formatting if you forget to take the backup of the essential files stored on it then it will result in loss of huge files and folders stored on the particular drive.
    • Hard drive becomes RAW: Usually file system of the hard drive gets corrupted due to sudden power surge or abrupt shut down of the system. In such case, when you try to access those files you will get an error message displayed as disk not formatted which will results in loss of huge data.

    The above mentioned scenarios are the common reasons for loss of data from the drive due to formatting. There are numerous other reasons as well by which you loss data during formatting. As such you can restore data by using formatted recovering software. This software also supports you to rescue data after formatting flash drive, memory card, SD card, XD card, MMC and other storage media effectively.

    Some of the features of this toolkit are mentioned below

    • This software has an inbuilt scanning algorithm to find and restore more than 300 file types from all types of formatted drives using their unique file extensions.
    • This toolkit provides effective option to view the recovered data in “file type” view i.e. on the basis of file extensions and also “data type” view i.e. in hierarchical format.
    • By using this software you can recover each of the lost data from accidentally formatted hard drive partitions.
    • This software has the ability to restore all re-formatted partitions data for the system having multiple operating systems.

    The demo version of formatted recovery software can be downloaded liberally to examine its recovery results. Once you run this demo version, then it scans the complete drive and then easily gets back all lost or deleted files and you can notice those retrieved files with ease.