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  • PSD Repair Tool – Fix Corrupted or Damaged Photoshop Files (.psd)

    PSD Repair Tool

    “Anybody help me now. I was designing a company logo using Adobe Photoshop CS3 on my desktop PC. Suddenly power failed and my system got switched off. Sorry for the fact that I didn’t have a UPS. When the power came, I tried to open that PSD file on Photoshop which I had been working before. Sadly saying, what I got was an error saying like the following

    “Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document.”

    I became shocked after seeing this. Please turn your attention to this problem at least once. Because, I just don’t know whether there is any powerful PSD repair utility which is capable of repairing my file. I don’t interested in testing fake tools since I am very much concerned about my PSD file. So, suggest me a genuine PSD repair program and how to repair my PSD file using it. Anticipating your valuable comments.”

    There is no need to worry, since you can effectively fix damaged PSD files using powerful tools such as PSD Repair Tool. This repair program supports PSD files generated by different Photoshop programs starting from Photoshop 5.5 and even up to Photoshop CS6. Before knowing more details about this tool, it is good to check some of the situations, where you can make use of this tool.

    • Download Error: Suppose you are downloading a PSD file from a network location. If your download process got interrupted due to any reason, you will get only partially downloaded file. Any attempt to open that PSD file on your Photoshop application will be prevented by the application itself.
    • Storage Drive Failure: If the file system of the drive where you are storing your PSD files got corrupted, it can also affect your PSD files. Bad sectors on the drive is also one of the prominent reasons for PSD corruption.
    • Photoshop Application Crash: There are many reasons accountable for abrupt crash of Photoshop application. If the new updates for Photoshop got clash with available updates, the PSD files produced by Photoshop may become corrupt. Lack of memory to run Adobe Photoshop is also one of the main reasons for PSD crash.

    PSD Repair Tool is an effective tool which works on all the above mentioned scenarios to fix a corrupt PSD file. You can use this tool across a number of Windows and Mac systems even up to Mac Yosemite or Windows 10. It supports all the 32 and 64 bit versions of these Windows and Mac systems.

    Want to Know More Significant Features of this Tool? Here’s some

    • This tool is capable of fixing corrupted PSD files along with its individual layers. It can repair PDD files created on Adobe PhotoDeluxe application also.
    • Bitmap, Lab color, RGB, Multichannel, Palette color, CMYK, Duotone, Gray-scale are some of the color modes supported by this tool.
    • After PSD repair, this tool allows you to preview the contents inside that file using a preview browser.
    • It is capable of repairing RLE compressed PSD files. Also keep in mind that, PSD Repair tool doesn’t modify the contents of the original file.
    • The repair process using this tool will span only in four steps. The user interface of this tool is quite simple and self-explanatory.