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  • Essential Tips for Repairing Outlook Inbox 

    Outlook is Email’s applications which are widely preferred most of the people all over the globe. Now a day, Emails are most popularly used for communicating different people  and this Email application is very much needed as communication is very much important for the people to share their information. With the help of this application, you can save the data of Email in .pst and .ost file extension. In addition to this email service, this Outlook application provides you to save the other documents such as contacts, calendar, reminder, tasks, RSS feeds and many more. Due to this features, Outlook application is most widely used by the clients.

    PST stands for Personal Storage Table which is used to store personal data of the users and it can be created by any users at desired time. It allows users to store the documents in .pst file extension and these PST files will works only online it means only during the connection of the internet server. You can’t modify the data when the internet connection is off. But the Outlook files is get updated with the help of OST file during offline connectioninbox repair tool outlook .

    OST stands for Offline Storage Table and it is also used to store data of the Outlook application. It is similar to the PST file, but it works during offline connection of the internet server. When the internet is not available then also you can edit the file and can easily made changes in the data. The modify data get updated by synchronizing and this is done when the internet server connection is available. These files store the Outlook data with .ost file extension.

    Due to wide range of applications of Outlook applications, it becomes much famous and most of the people like to use it. Due to this reason, Microsoft came many updated versions which have additional features when compared to the older versions. The different versions such as Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and recently updated version is Outlook 2016. This Outlook 2016 has more advanced features than the other version of this application.

    Instead of these many features, PST files and OST files get corrupted and become inaccessible. This is happened due to several reasons and at this stage, if corrupted files are important to you then it is needed to repair corrupted file and this repairing of the file can be easily perform with Scanpst.exe tool which is the native tool of this Outlook for repairing PST file. But this tool will work only some scenarios as it has limitations. So I strongly recommend you Software named as Inbox Repair Software which is inbuilt with strong algorithm that can fix the different issues regarding inaccessible of PST file as well as OST file. Before this, let us see the scenarios in which PST file become inaccessible.

    Reasons for inaccessible of PST file:

    • There will be always header file for each and every file which is used to stores the basic information of the files such as size, name, etc. If this header files get corrupted, then the file become inaccessible and you can’t access the data.
    • As the files get affected with the virus or any harmful attack, then the files become inaccessible and Outlook data becomes unreadable.
    • There is chance that files become inaccessible, if any error takes place while synchronizing. So here in this case also data get unreadable.

    Irrespective of reason behind inaccessible of PST file, this Inbox Repair Tool Outlook works for you in repairing the corrupted PST files and it can be done with the help of its amazing features.  Continue reading this page, to know advanced features of Inbox Repair Tool. This software supports the different versions of Windows series and Mac series of OS.

  • How to Convert Outlook OST to PST File?

    Microsoft Outlook is a personal application program designed by Microsoft. There are different versions of MS Outlook such as 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. OST (Offline Storage Table) and PST (Personal Storage Table) are two file formats of Outlook files. The different attributes available for Outlook are emails, calendars, organizers, notes, reminders, etc. OST files have several limitations so there is need to convert OST files into PST file. You are able to convert OST to PST file using OST-PST Converter tool with great ease. It is user friendly and robust application since it recovers files keeping original file unchanged or unmodified. OST to PST converter is capable in converting OST file with few mouse clicks. This software is compatible with all the latest version of Windows such as XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, and Windows 2010.

    Reason for conversion of OST file into PST file

    Virus Attack: Virus is small program to perform some task to amend OST file. If similar action happens on system, it means that virus is intruded in system. As a result of which files get deleted or lost.

    Improper closing: OST files get corrupted if file is closed abruptly. After abrupt closing of OST files there is high possibility that files get corrupted and become inaccessible.

    Incomplete Installation: If error happens during reinstallation, installation and upgrading of MS Outlook then there is chance that OST files corruption.

    Oversize Issue: The size limit of OST files is limited to some extent in each and every version of MS Outlook. When the file size of OST file exceeds the limited file size, then it may result in corruption of OST file.

    Network Problem: During OST to PST conversion if there is power failure then the conversion process get interrupted. As a result of which OST file get corrupted and user is not able to access those files.

    Above mentioned scenarios can be overcome using this effective tool. This software is one of the best tools to convert files in few simple steps. This software is compatible with all the latest version of Windows such as XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2010, etc.

    Features of OST-PST Converter Tool

    • OST-PST Converter tool is an advance tool which is installed easily on all the latest version of Windows.
    • This software is compatible with all the version of Microsoft Outlook.
    • OST-PST Converter tool requires very less space for installation of this application.
    • This software is capable in recovering all the attributes of Outlook files such as emails, calendars, organizers, notes, reminders, etc.
    • Demo version is available so that user can test the effectiveness of this application before purchasing. It is 100% trustworthy and secure application since it is free from virus/malware attack.
    • It is easy to convert password protected OST files using OST-PST Converter tool.
    • OST-PST Converter tool is one the fastest application to perform conversion from Offline Storage Table to Personal Storage Table in few simple steps without any issue.
  • Best Renovating software for Outlook PST Files

    Company called Microsoft developed software to create and deal with some of the text contextual item similar to books, magazines, newsletters, and many others for usage in laptop or computer. These MS Office Outlook PST file profile is stored using file extension as PST. PST data files are extremely significant element of the particular Microsoft Outlook Software. Microsoft Outlook PST file stores each of the received and sent email messages, personal folders, events, contacts, calendar schedules etc inside the database of MS Outlook PST file. MS Office Outlook PST file is created with many of Outlook software versions such as 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010. Outlook 2010 PST file is actually latest version among all the specified variants of Outlook software’s. Microsoft office Outlook PST file is susceptible towards corruption and harm due to many situations took place due to human errors as well as system conflicts. To know more added details of this software visit: www.microsoftpstrepairtool.com/outlook-2010-mailbox.html

    Some of the frequent reasons due to which the Outlook PST file gets corrupted are generally:

    • Due to exceeding storage size limit of PST file: Outlook PST file is assigned with various size limits for different variants of MS Outlook software. Whenever this storage capacity of PST file exceeds the limit then Outlook PST file will get corrupted & become inaccessible.
    • In order of severe virus attack: attack of severe viruses similar to spyware, malware, etc in the system may cause corruption associated with Outlook PST file. These infections are spread with email attachments whenever you try to open these kind of attachment then they will get into system resulting straight into severe damage to PST files. These kinds of viruses can also get into your computer system by means of insecure network along with downloading virus infected data files unknowingly. Also through shifting or accessing any contaminated external drive which is attached to the computer system without antivirus program causing Outlook PST file data corruption.
    • Due to sudden system power down: In case of abrupt power malfunction while sending or obtaining the emails, that is in procedure for synchronization between Outlook software as well as mail client server, it may well lead to improper termination along with result in PST file corruption. This specific abrupt shut down of computer system may occur at unexpected occasions because of not implementing any UPS system. So it is necessary to maintain a back up of all the PST files for usage in emergency.

    If in case you’re suffering from these Outlook PST file corruption scenarios then give a trial with outlook 2010 PST file repair tool which helps anyone tackle all the scenarios previously stated.

    Prominent features of Best PST restoration Tool:

    Industry experts have developed an Outlook PST file restore software to mend Outlook PST document without loss in the content associated with Outlook PST file. This Outlook PST file repair software is integrated with special technique which usually scans all the contents for example contacts, tasks, important appointments dates, reminders, notes, and so on within the corrupted Outlook PST file and fixes this damaged file without any difficulty within few minutes. This unique tool offers capability of repairing outlook 2007 PST file and its content corrupted on account of exceeding its storage size limits with ease. This software has potential to restore Corrupted or damaged outlook PST file created with various version of Microsoft office Outlook version such as 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010 without any trouble. This software provides you to preview all the contents of this recovered PST data files by employing an Outlook design browser. To store the fixed PST file you need to activate this particular software to full edition.

  • Best Way to Repair Outlook Express

    Microsoft Outlook Express is known as the most effective email client for the excellent control over the email and to store them. It often stores every single emails inside of the Outlook Express inbox folder. There are many versions with this Outlook Express application. The most updated the first is the Outlook Express version 6. The other versions are just like Outlook Express 4.0, 5.0, 5.5 etc. The Outlook files are stored in different formats like for Windows 98 the files are .mbx format but for the Windows 7, the file format is .dbx. Sometime it happens the files around the Microsoft Outlook Express become inaccessible. The saved emails or data won’t be any longer accessible. It is simply because of the Outlook Express corruption. In the event if you wish to regain access around the Outlook emails, saved data then you can preferably choose the Outlook express repair utility that can successfully repair the corrupted emails.

    Whenever any email gets received on Outlook Express application it get saved on the inbox folder with all the .dbx extension. Because of corruption with the DBX files, the files become inaccessible on the Outlook inbox folder. Then you should positively attempt to fix the DBX file corruption problem. Some accountable reasons behind the Outlook Express file corruption reasons are mentioned below. You can just make an effort to fix them with all the perfect DBX file repair utility, the Outlook express repair software about the Outlook Express inbox or perhaps the Outbox folder. After by using this software the inaccessible emails will become offered to its successfully. To repair Outlook Express .dbx file there is no other substitutes to fix your file corruption problem.

    Causes responsible for the DBX file corruption are stated here,

    • Sudden system shut down- Because of the sudden computer shut down procedure the DBX files may get corrupted if you’re still accessing the emails on Inbox.dbx folder. When the files are saved properly and the application suddenly powered down, then the files will surely become inaccessible.
    • Virus attack- Dangerous virus attack about the DBX files, damages the DBX file header and also the saved emails about the Inbox folder can become simply inaccessible. Such as this the entire DBX files become corrupted.
    • Oversize PST- The most size limit of the PST files is not more than 2 GB. So, one DBX file can store maximum data approximately 2 GB of size. A lot more than this the stored data is going to be
    • Compacting files- Because there is the limitation for storing the DBX files on Outlook Express, therefore it is needed to compact the files to save the area around the DBX files. It helps to support new files on a single DBX files. When the compaction process just isn’t proper or get interrupted, then your files about the Outlook Express can get corrupted.

    The Outlook Express Repair software is the best means to fix the problems regarding the DBX files corruption. This less time taking procedure of repairing the damaged files not only perform the file repair procedure. First, it performs the file recovery procedure and therefore the corrupted file repair procedure. Any of the Windows based pc it is possible to use to restore or repair the corrupted files like Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows, Windows 7 etc. To make use of this awesome utility you need to get it. After this all of your saved emails going to be once again accessible to you.

  • Ways to Repair Outlook archive on vista

    Consider yourself in a scenario where you compressed your Outlook profile to save memory installed on your Windows Vista. The very next time when you attempted to extract that archived file, it displayed an error message stating that your PST file is corrupt. After such situation you will not able to access your Outlook archive file. Now you must be wondering the way to repair Outlook archive on Vista?

    Well you must be worried for such a small problem. But you are going to be really surprised knowing that there are many repair software’s available in the market  by making use of which you can easily repair your corrupted Outlook archive file.

    Millions of people are getting advanced and eager to adapt new upcoming technologies. Microsoft Outlook is an effective email program of Microsoft Corporation.MS Outlook is not only anemail program but additionally it’s an efficient tool for organizing the complete email interface. The user of MS Outlook can synchronize, share and modify calendars. The mails are stored in the PST file in the hard disk drive and you can categorize them. This PST files is very much important.

    PST (Personal storage table) is a major component of MS Outlook which stores all features of MS Outlook for example e-mails, calendar items, distribution lists, journals etc. It comes with different versions like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.MS Outlook 2010 is new version which comprises various features like improved graphical user interface, easy management of email items, improved search feature, easy scheduling, large storage capacity, etc.

    In spite of all these features, PST file might get corrupted due to various factors, some of which are listed as below:

    • Improper shut down of your system.

    • Accidental deletion of some Outlook mails.

    • PST files also get corrupted as a result of virus attack and crashing of hard disk drive.

    • PST files get damaged as a result of corrupted partitions.

    • Corruption of PST file may occur, If the file is modified by many peoples at the same resulting in loss of emails.

    • You can also experience failure when sending messages using Outlook.

    • Corruption of Email header also leads to loss of data.

    PST corruption is a severe situation since it not only restricts you against sending/receiving mails but in addition results in complete inaccessibility of your data. There comes a need of Repair software’s. So that you can access your lost data from corrupted PST file first you need to repair it. In market there are number of software’s available to repair damaged/corrupted Archived PST file. This software also helps you to fix your PST files which are highly encrypted. In order to repair your Archive PST files which will get corrupted due to software conflicts or as a result of formatted partition you can make use of Repair Outlook archive software. This tool enables you to repair Outlook Archive on other OS like vista.

    By utilizing Repair Outlook PST software you can easily repair your corrupted PST files and recover e-mail, folders, the calendar items, contacts etc. from Outlook PST file. PST files are very much important and user always provides a password to protect them, by using this tool you can easily repair password protected PST file. Thissoftwarerepairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.This tool helps you to repair oversized Outlook PST files, for example Outlook 2000 PST files getting corrupt when it reaches 2GB or even more in size. The recovered information is saved in a new PST file to ensure the safety of the source PST file.This tool can be simply used in few basic steps.

    Obtain the demo version of the software downloaded from internet. Launch the application form and select the corrupt PST files. Click browse to locate the PST file that needs to be repaired, find the appropriate drive and click on find to search select the file and click “Next” to repair. Now select the scanning method and destination location for the new PST file. Oncescanningprocess is completed it is possible for you to evaluate the recovery results in the preview browser and if you are satisfied with the final results, you can buy the program