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  • Software for memory card recovery used in different devices

    Looking for recovery software for memory card then you’re at the best place. In memory cards loss of data is a really common factor that’s faced by the user in the day to day existence. Memory is extremely cheap and portable that lots of user favor to have their data safe. A lot more features exist which boost the recognition of memory products.

    Memory is guaranteed to be able to keep your data, while portable, cheap, reliable etc. Memory cards are utilized in phones mostly, digital camera models, computer, etc to keep the data as a built-in memory of every product is not too much.

    Manipulation of data in memory cards can be achieved easily, but the truth is regardless of the data storage medium has been built-in the planet and not even one of them can skip from loss of data. Likewise, your memory card may also lose data.

    Therefore, to recover data you need some reliable sources. Recovery software for memory card can be found in number and guarantee for file recovery. But all of them aren’t that reliable to create complete recovery. Suppose, if you wish to recover data out of your phone memory card then what you are going to do.  Here is a solution, you have to restore phone memory cards using recovery software.

    This program is really effective that it can recover data of all kind of memory cards. The program calculations are built-in such a manner that it deeply scans the memory cards and return all of your data. The program has a couple of simple steps to follow along with that you’ll get your data lost and deleted data back very easy form. It provides a complete scan of files using the calculations inside it and also at the finish it request to save a session.This session can recover the data at any time and returns your data within a couple of minutes.

    Which you do not need to be done: Ejection of connected memory mustn’t be achieved abruptly from the system. In the same manner, abrupt shutdown and shutting of system and application correspondingly should be prevented. Never hook you up memory somewhere that’s not reliable for you. Virus attack could be triggered by several means so don’t place memory cards in an unsecured place.

    When so ever there’s loss of data either out of your memory so better keep that memory idle to ensure that there left some chances for recovery. The one thing that lines are stating that doesn’t save the files or data on that specific space because this will steer clear of the overwriting of data on that space and increases the likelihood of recovery. Finally, if this happens then your recovery becomes impossible.

    Solution: Lastly if some condition originates from where you’ve had lost your computer data then do you not worry as there’s a choice to recuperate data. You can download the tool and can recover the data within few seconds. Once you install the program in your system you’ll be featured with recovery features.

  • How to Recover Data from Sony SXS Memory Card?

    SxS (S by S) is a flash memory standard developed by SanDisk and Sony. SxS card has a capacity of recording 140 minutes of video as well as high-speed transfer rate of up to 800 Mb/s. This SxS card supports 800 Mb/s transfer rate and up to 2.5 Gb/s burst transfer rate. It can be used on both Windows and Mac Notebooks just by directly connecting it through Express Card slot. SxS users are increasing day by day because of their unique and attractive features. However, there are some situations where user may lose their vital data from SxS flash memory card due to some known or unknown reasons. In such situation, you can take the assistance of Sony Picture Recovery software which can recover deleted or lost data from SxS card with ease.

    Reasons behind data loss from SxS memory card:

    • Frequently using SxS memory card on multiple OS may corrupt the SxS card making all its data inaccessible.
    • Downloading harmful infected files to SxS card or connecting SxS card to the infected system will result in corruption of SxS card data.
    • Accidental formatting of SxS card without keeping proper backup of data can result in huge data loss.
    • Using SxS card on devices which are running out of battery may damage or corrupt its file system causing card not formatted error which can be resolved only by formatting the SxS memory card.
    • When you are coping files from SxS card to system or vice-versa, if any interruption occurs in the process then it leads to loss of files from SxS card.
    • Accidental deletion of files from SxS memory card while deleting useless files from it.
    • Abrupt pulling of SXS memory card while you transferring files from SxS card to system or any storage devices.

    There are some other reasons behind data loss from SxS memory card such as switching off digital camera or camcorder without saving the recorded video, improper usage of SxS memory card, recording videos when camcorders battery is low, etc. In such situation, don’t get panic as you can opt Sony Picture Recovery software which can perform Sony memory card SxS data recovery within few mouse clicks.

    Features of Sony Picture Recovery Software:

    • This software can perform Sony memory card SxS data recovery as the software has robust scanning algorithm which scans and extract entire data with high precision.
    • The software is capable of recovering data from SxS memory card in any data loss situation on all major versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
    • It recovers documents, images, videos, music, spreadsheet, etc. from SxS memory card.
    • Software assists you to save the recovered data at any preferred location in a compresses Zip files.
    • The software is capable of recovering data by preserving its original contents without damaging to the contents of the file which are saved on SxS memory card.
    • Using this software, you can restore files from various types of storage devices such as external hard drive, memory stick, thumb drive, hard drive, USB drive, etc.
    • Software also provides you a “Preview” option to view all the files which have been lost or deleted even before purchasing the software.
  • How to Perform Lexar Professional Card Recovery?

    “Yesterday I went to my friend’s house to see her new born baby andimages captured lots of pictures from my digital camera. While I am transferring files from my digital camera Lexar card to my system, suddenly my system gets shutdown. When I restart my system to transfer files from my digital camera Lexar card to the system then what I see that no files are present on my Lexar card. Those pictures and videos are very much memorable for me. Can anyone suggest me any software which can perform Lexar professional card recovery within few mouse clicks?”

    If you come across the above-mentioned situation then don’t get panic as you can use Lexar Card Recovery software to perform Lexar professional card recovery with great ease. This software comes with advanced algorithms which scan your entire digital camera Lexar card and restores files from it within few mouse clicks.

    Reasons for data loss from Lexar Card:

    • Bad sectors
    • Antivirus scanning
    • File system corruption
    • Power surge or low battery
    • Use of unreliable software
    • Card error
    • Wrong usage of card
    • Interruption while transferring files from card
    • Mishandling of card
    • Abrupt ejection of card from system
    • Accidental or unintentional formatting of cards
    • Lexar Card corruption

    Under such situation, you can use Lexar Card Recovery Tool on system or laptop to recover deleted or lost files. With the assistance of this software, you are able to perform data recovery from hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, FireWire drive, USB drive and flash drives.

    Precautionary Measures:

    • Keep the backup of essential files on some other storage device to avoid data loss.
    • Don’t capture photos or videos while digital camera battery is low.
    • Use good antivirus to prevent your files from harmful virus or malware attack.
    • Don’t use Lexar memory card on multiple devices which may cause data loss.
    • Never eject the Lexar memory card abruptly during file transfer.

    Features Lexar Card Recovery Tool:

    • You can download this software on Windows as well as Mac versions to recover files from Lexar Professional Card.
    • Supported System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
    • Using this software, you are able to recover data from Lexar card as well as SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, Samsung, Kingston, Sony, etc.
    • Demo version of this software is available on the website so that user can easily download and recover deleted files from Lexar card. You can also preview the recovered files and then restore on the desired location.
    • Before deleting any files, cross verify twice to make sure that you are deleting correct files.
    • You can recover files from various types of memory card such as SD, MMC, CF, XD, SDXC, SDHC, etc.
    • This software works in read-only mode as it doesn’t alter or modify the original file.
    • It recovers various file formats of photos such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF,etc.
  • Software to Recover Data from Formatted Memory Card

    Windows 10Memory card is a storage device which is mainly used in portable digital devices to store the various types of data. There are various types of memory cards readily available in the market such as SD, CF, XD, SDXC, SDIO, MMC, SDHC, and so on which are manufactured by different brands such as Sony, Verbatim, Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Hitachi etc. These memory cards provides various features such as high data transfer rate from one storage device to another device, reliability, durability, power saving, easy to use, and many more.

    Even though it has various features but sometimes you may face data loss problem from memory card due to many known or unknown reasons. In such case, you may get tensed and think about how to recover data from memory card? You have to try one of the best recovery tools named as Sony Card Recovery utility which helps you to perform data recovery from formatted memory card in few mouse clicks without facing any difficulties.

    Reason due to which you format the memory card:

    • Accidental Format: Most of the times you may format an unwanted or junk data drive, sometimes you might select essential memory card which contains essential data and format it accidentally. This results in entire data lost from memory card.
    • Due to Virus Infection: Virus is one of the main problems behind the corruption of memory card. Due to corruption memory card data get lost or inaccessible. In such case you need to format the memory card.
    • Abrupt Ejection: Abrupt or improper removal of memory card from computer during data transferring process results in the corruption of memory card. To make the card accessible again you have to format it.
    • Other Reasons: Some other reasons like usage of same memory card on different devices, file system corruption, memory card crash, unreliable third party applications, etc. also results in formatting the memory card.

    All of the above are some described reasons behind the loss of data from formatted memory card. If you want to recover your formatted memory card data then you must go with Sony Card Recovery Tool. This software is having an effective repairing algorithm which is designed by technical experts. Due to its reliability and durability, it is recommended for industrial purpose as well as personal purpose too.

    Features of Sony Card Recovery Software:

    • This tool supports with various types of memory cards which is formatted with different file system like FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS, NTFS, HFS X, NTFS 5 and EXFAT.
    • This tool is compatible with various version of Windows and Mac operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2007, 2008, and 2010, Lion Mountain, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Leopard, and so on.
    • With the help of this tool, you can preview the restored formatted memory card data prior to restoration to a desired location in your computer.
    • It is designed with simple GUI interface and even non-technical user to recover data from formatted memory card.
    • You can restore different formats of file with the help of “Find Tool” option and preview data in two ways data view and file type view.
    • You can solve any queries related to software recovery on our website and call to any time 24×7 customer care support facilities are available every time.
  • Retrieve deleted photos from memory card

    As the rapid changes have been introduced in the field of storage media, all along with it there has been a boost in the recurrent scenarios of photo loss from memory card. The memory card is generally used to keep multimedia files such as video, music and many other files in portable devices such as mobile phones, digital camera, etc. Sometimes it is happened these multimedia files are corrupted or deleted from the memory card. When photos are deleted from memory card either unintentionally or intentionally creates problems for the individuals and professional too and if the lost files are very important for you personally then such a situation force you to think how to get them back. There is no need to worry in such a situation because you can recover lost multimedia files with the help of recovery tool such as Memory Card Recovery Software. This tool is skilled to recover corrupted memory card and capable to revive lost data from the memory card too. Most of the peoples think that they cannot get back files after corruption or deletion from the memory card, but this is not the truth. You can get back files from the memory card until the location is overwritten by some other files. As soon as the location is overwritten, you cannot revive anything from the memory card. Before overwriting data, you can revive files from the memory card.

    Let us talk about some real life situations that help you to understand how photo loss from the memory card happens. Suppose in the New Year’s Day, you happily snapped photos of the kids and later on while taking glimpse, you have found some defected photos and you have decided to delete it. While trying to delete those unappealing photos, you accidentally choose “Delete All” Unfortunately; Delete All meant all the photos of New Year’s as well as other contained photos are deleted for forever. In such condition, there is only a way to recover deleted photos back that is by making the use of recovery software named Memory Card Recovery Software, which helps you all the way to restore deleted photos from memory card with ease.

    Another most common cause of photos deletion from the memory card is bulk deletion. When the user delete files in bulk then there is chance of the accidentally deletion of some photos from memory card. Whenever such a thing happen then such a situation, push you in severe loss. Let us take an example in which you have connected your memory card to computer in order to remove unwanted folders. However, accidentally you have deleted a folder, which contains all your photos. This may happen when you try to delete folders in bulk. When you delete files in bulk then there is chance of deletion of some vital data. You can make use above-mentioned tool in order to recover lost photos that was in deleted folder and can feel happy again.

    Some popular features of this tool are:

    • It is fast and efficient revival of deleted photos from memory card
    • It is competent to get back photos from various storage devices including flash drives, hard drives, iPods, external hard drives, FireWire Drives etc.
    • This tool is skilled to revive photo from various camera brands including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Kodak, Fujifilm, Sigma, Minolta, Casio, Olympus etc

    There are some defensive measures need to be taken immediate after the photos loss from memory card such as don’t make use of the memory card after such a miss-happening because it may lead to permanent photos loss. This may happen because when you use memory card after such a miss-happening then there is a chances of the overwriting of data from where the recuperation has to perform. As soon as overwriting occurs, you cannot recover photos from memory card by making the use of any utility tool.

    Thus by taking on some glimpse of this photo recuperation tool we can say that tool is proficient to recover deleted folders from memory card and is a boon for the person who have lost photos from memory card and looking forward to recover them back. In case you have lost photos from memory card and looking ahead for recovery then you can make use of this tool to get back vital photos. For further detail, you can check this link

  • Recover Files from Memory Card on Windows OS

    Now a day’s everywhere and everyone uses memory cards in day to day life to store music files, photos, movies etc. in different devices like cell phones, camera, computer etc. Along with this many times users may face the loss of files from memory card when they attempt to perform some read/write process in memory card.

    Suppose you have stored some important files in your memory card, without scanning of memory card using antivirus program, you connect this memory card to the virus affected system. Due to these hazardous stuff your memory card also suffered from virus and malwares. Virus and malwares are such a harmful threats which replicate itself and damage file system (like FAT and NTFS) of memory card. Due to damage of corruption of file system of memory card it leaves your stored files in inaccessible state which results in loss of files from memory card. In such kind of situation there is only one and one way to recover files from memory card is to use recovery software like file recovery tool. This software is developed by using advanced technique which helps to recover lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted memory card in very short time period without any modifications in the original stored files from memory card. Before employing this software you must be check whether really you are suffering loss of files from memory card or not.

    Proper way to check loss of files from memory card:

    • Remove your memory card properly from device like camera, cell phones etc.
    • Clean receptor of memory card using soft and clean cloth.
    • Now connect memory card to the computer using adaptor.

    After following these 3 steps still your memory card showing as empty or showing any kind of error in opening files then it is clear that your files from memory card get deleted or lost. Now it’s time to recover lost files from memory card using file recovery tool. But before that let’s know, what are the reasons behind loss of files from memory card?

    Multiple reasons due to which you may face loss of files from memory card:

    • Use of same memory card in multiple devices.
    • Damage of file system of memory card.
    • Deletion of files from memory card using “Shift+Delete” keys.
    • Virus or malware attack on memory card.
    • Abrupt removal of memory card.
    • Interruption in the read/write process of memory card.
    • Capturing images when even camera battery is in low status.
    • Accidental formatting of memory card.

    These are the very common reasons for loss of files from memory card. So to avoid such situation you need to follow some precautionary steps to avoid data loss in future. Some of those steps are mentioned below,

    Mandatory steps to follow to avoid loss of files in future from memory card:

    • Keep updated antivirus in system and scan memory card every time.
    • Use proper method to remove memory card when it is connected to camera, cell phones, computer etc.
    • Before saving new files always make sure that there is enough space in memory card.
    • Always keep a backup of important files from memory card.

    If you still facing the problem of loss of files from memory card then, you can use the best file recovery tool to recover lost file from memory card. There are some features of this software are mentioned below,

    Extraordinary features of file recovery tool to recover lost file from memory card:

    • File recovery tool helps to recover almost all memory card types including SD, CF, XD, Memory Stick, Smart media Card, MMC, Micro SD, Mini SD, SDHC etc.
    • Along with these memory cards file recovery tool helps to recover files from other storage device like hard drives, USB drives, iPods etc.
    • This software is capable to recover more than 300 lost and deleted files on the basis of unique signature along with its name, date size and format.
    • File recovery tool is developed with advanced technology so it is very efficient to recover lost files from corrupted, damaged or inaccessible memory cards.
    • This software is compatible with Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

    If you want to try for this software then you can download its free demo version and try for recovery before purchasing this software. If you feel satisfied with its result then you can purchase this software to save those results. For more information and to download free version of this software you can visit this link:


  • How to recover data from corrupted SD card???

    As the quick changes have been initiated in the ground of storage media, along with it the photo loss scenario from SD card also increasing day by day. SD card is commonly found within the moveable devices to maintain multimedia data like photos files, music files, video files, etc. Whenever the photo files are deleted from SD card either purposely or accidentally produces problem for its user and it forces you to think that how to recover them. Generally, peoples believe that when any file is deleted from SD card, it is lost for everlastingly. However, this is not the real fact, deleted files remains at that position until it is not replaced by   other files/data, once the file is replaced by some other files, it becomes impossible to recover them. When we erase any file, only pointer to that address is removed and file system sends a note to OS that space is available for further storage. Thus before overwriting it is possible to recover photos from SD card by making the use of Recover SD card software.

    Presume you are an expert photographer and working for particular firm. The firm has a photo project on wild life; in account of the same, you have been sent to the South Africa with your team in order to complete the project. After a month trip, you came back to firm with project. You have decided to copy all the photos to your computer, while copying the usb drive is disconnected somehow. This may lead to deletion of vital photos from SD card or SD card might be corrupted. What will you do in order to recover photos from SD card? You can easily find many people around those are suffering from same situation. There is no need to take worry in such circumstances because you can recover your vital photos from SD card by making the use of Recover SD Card software, which helps you to recover your photo from the SD card in couple of minutes.

    You may lose photos accidentally from camera while previewing it. Suppose you were taking the sight of photos that were in SD card while doing so you have accidentally pressed delete all function, resulting in the loss of photos from SD card. What you will do in this circumstance to get vital photos back? In such a situation, if you want to recover photos from SD card then you can make use of Recover SD Card software. This software is competent to recover photos in any circumstances of photos loss from SD card and support recovery from SD cards along with MMC, CF and XD cards.

    Recover SD Card software to recover photos in all of the above listed causes. It is capable to recover all mislaid / deleted photos files from SD cards. It recuperates photos files even after formatting SD card. It is proficient of restoring photos from corrupted USB drives and recovers files like documents, graphics movies, photos, text, music, etc. It supports all brands of SD cards and can also be used in recovery of files from various external storage devices.

    It can be used on all brands of digital cameras to reinstate deleted photos from SD card. Using this tool, you may still add and edit fresh signatures for files that are not listed. It sorts recovered data on the base of name, date, size and file location. It supports retrieval of data from SD, XD, MMC cards, external flash USB drives, FireWire drives. It will not alter other files because of the read only application.

    Recover SD Card Software is one of unique software, which is competent to recuperate photos at any instant of loss. You can get the demo version of this tool from internet, which provide preview of the photos prior to the recovery. If the software come up to your expectation then you go for the licensed version in order to provide end to the recovery process.

  • Methods to recover corrupt SD memory card data

    SD card is a memory device that is portable and is carried easily from one location to another. SD means secure digital and it is available in various brands like Kingston, ScanDisk, Toshiba, Transcend etc. various data storing capacities and appearances. The SD standard is maintained by Secure Digital card association (SDA). This non-volatile storage device format is used in different devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, GPS navigation devices and more.

    SD memory card can be used in different devices or a computer that’s why it is more prone to corruption due to number of reasons such as human mistakes, malware attack, formatting, etc. Thus the data stored in the SD card becomes inaccessible and you may end up losing all your valuable data.

    Think about a situation that the SD card which you have used in Pentax digital camera was abruptly removed by one of your friend while clicking pictures. When you connected the SD memory card to your computer you were unable to access the data as the files stored on the memory card had become corrupt and you lost all the data. After this incident, you were worried and wondering how to recover corrupt SD card data as the pictures were precious to you. But, you will be surprised to hear that you can easily recover data from corrupted memory card by using Memory card recovery software. This file recovery software is specifically designed by industry experts to restore corrupt SD card data. Apart from abrupt removal, you can come across many more data loss scenarios which are listed below:

    Some possible data loss scenarios:

    • Malware attack on the memory card can corrupt the files making them inaccessible and you will be losing all your stored files.
    • By mistake selecting “Delete All” button while trying to delete some files from memory card on digital camera leading to complete loss of photos stored on camera.
    • If you format the memory card or any other storage device accidentally without taking backup of stored files results in data loss.
    • Improper way of mounting memory card on the computer will corrupt the memory card and thus the stored data becomes inaccessible which in turn leads to loss of data.
    • Capturing and deleting files rapidly when the memory card is full results in memory card corruption leading to data loss.

    The data lost because of any of these reasons can be retrieved if you have a backup of your lost data. In case you do not have backup of lost data then you can try memory card recovery tool which is the perfect answer for the question how to recover data from memory card? This tool comes with powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire SD memory card sector by sector to identify files types and restore them by using file attributes. This tool provides all the necessary file recovery modules which will help you to retrieve the deleted or lost data with complete folder hierarchy.

    Just click here to get the free version of the memory card recovery utility and install the recovery software on your computer’s hard drive. After installing the recovery software simply double click on the desktop icon to launch the software. Now select appropriate recovery options which you come across during file recovery process and once the data restoration process is over you can evaluate the performance of the software and if the free version recovers all your lost files then you can purchase the full version of the software available on the internet.


  • Method to recover memory card

    Generally memory card users believe that when any file is erased from stored location then it can’t be rescued again. But this is not an actual scenario, whenever any file is deleted from memory card or stick, it keep persisting there until and unless it is overwritten by any other file. So, if any users need to have those files then he need to use Recover Memory Card. Recover Memory Card easily scans entire card and recover memory card files within few minutes of its application.

    There are number of reasons of data loss from memory card like virus attack, improper ejection, usage of camera while having low battery, accidental deletion, accidental format, etc. Of this reasons virus attack is the one which keep happening to the users of memory card. Lets suppose a scenario where you have attached your memory card to computer for making changes to the card. While making changes in the card its file system got corrupted due to this each of the files on the card became inaccessible. Therefore if any user wishes to recover damaged memory card he or she need to use Recover Memory Card. This tool meets the requirements of the users and retrieves each of the lost files in few minutes.

    Another common reason for file loss from memory card is due to application of third party software. Let’s have a real time example of third party software. It generally seen that some of the game files are treated by some of the third party antivirus as virus, thus deleting them as soon as they track them. Since we know that if any of the files of programs such as game gets missing then it won’t install properly. So if any user needs to restore such files then he or she need to use Recover Memory Card. But, before reinstating any file by usage of Recover Memory Card users need to take proper care of certain things like:

    • Stop use of memory card as long as recovery of desired files is not done.
    • Downloading and execution of Recover Memory Card software should be done at different location so that overwriting doesn’t occur.
    • Do not format or reformat card from where retrieval of files are required.

    Some of the promising features of Recover Memory Card tool are:

    • Recover Memory Card easily recovers all files from memory stick.
    • Recover Memory Card is well-suited with different versions of Windows operating system.
    • Retrieved files can be stored on the basis of file name, size, extension, and creation date.
    • This software has strong Scanning algorithm scans the entire memory card within couple of minutes.
    • Allows you to recover each of the media files from virus infected external drive.
    • Recover Memory Card has user friendly graphic user interface.

    Thus by visualizing Recover Memory Card outstanding features we can state that, it can be deployed for restoration of media files with ease. You can easily download the trial version of this software from internet.