• How to fix Pop-up? is a popup which displays some misleading information when system is infected with some unwanted programs like viruses. It pop-up might suggest a scam such as Browser Update, Flash Player update, or sometimes redirect to a telephone deceptive support scam to fix it. pop-up displays information like Windows Firewall security is damaged and also displays an error code 0x8007042c. If you are one of those who are facing alerts, then there can be a chance of virus infection on your system by which these types of popup and other unnecessary content is displayed.

    In general, these types of popup are appearing by web sites and are gone after shutdown the browser. As these pop ups appear randomly, so it is very difficult to say that which pop-up might occur on your computer, as these pop-ups are based on the content of website keywords which you are visiting. In order to handle with these popup, you need to follow few simple steps such as remove all related add-ons from browsers, popup and Registry Entries to prevent the pop-up. If you are new in computer and do not know how to remove add-ons and registry, then you can go to some third party programs and easily fix such pop-up issues.

    These types of pop-up can be a cause of unreliable app installation. It can add when you install some free versions of software such as download managers, PDF creators, video recording, or system health checker. After installation of these malicious programs, when you open your browser to search something over Internet, then suddenly pop-up will appear. Showing such popup means that computer is infected with some malicious programs and to fix it you need to call their paid support service. popup alerts are specially built to scare users to think about their system is infected so that they need make a call on the number listed in the fake security alert. Once user calls, the salesperson tries to convince them to purchase a support contract to fix it. It is a complete scam, so user need to avoid purchasing anything from numbers listed in alerts.

    Common Causes of Malicious Program Infection:

    • Web page visited by a user can have injected advertising banners.
    • Text present on the web page is turned into hyperlinks.
    • Browser popup recommends fake updates.
    • Unwanted programs installation without user’s knowledge.

    In order to keep system safe and secure from such fraud, people need to always pay attention while doing any software installing because some program installer contains optional installs, like pop-up. So be very careful while doing any types of agrees to install. Always use custom installation and uncheck anything that is not well-known. If popup alert is displayed, then try to remove them above described method or take the help of any reliable third party application and fix it easily.

  • Mozilla Firefox: Best Web Browsing and Fast Running Experience

    firefoxMozilla Firefox is a free and most popular open source web browser application which is available for various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Mobile version of Firefox also available for Android, and Firefox OS. Firefox browser is liked by many people because of its fast speed and advanced customization features. The speed of Firefox browser was found to be more than Google Chrome, reported in some tests. All the same, the speed decreased at many occasions without any obvious causes.

    A slow browser cannot proceed with full advantage of a fast Internet speed if browser is running at dial up speed. Many problems such as slow switch from one tab to another, slow start-up time of Firefox, Firefox hangs, slow page loading, frequent crash and problem related to YouTube videos are the causes behind the slow performance of Firefox.

    Yet, in this post, we are advising with some best tips and tricks to make Firefox faster. So, let us have a look at some twists and basic tasks that can easily speed up slow Mozilla Firefox.

    One of the best ways to make Firefox browser faster is Refreshing. Firefox brings most of the default settings during installation. However, people should be sensible of what really happens when they are Refresh Firefox. The Profile Folder in Firebox includes the browser setting along with some other essential information about Firefox. Due to refresh, Firefox creates a new Profile Folder and back up all of the crucial Firefox information in it.

    Mozilla Firefox browser saves various information like Bookmarks, Passwords, Browsing History, Open Windows & Tabs, Auto-Fill info, Cookies and Personal Dictionary. However, the items that would be deleted will be Website Permissions, Download History, Social Features, Themes & Extensions, DOM Storage, Plugin Settings and Search Engines that users have added.

    Clearing browser history is very strongly suggested. Once a week user should be clear cache and cookies of web browser. During keeping them will increase the loading speed of web pages, however, these temporary data will make the web browser heavy if it is kept for many days. It will result in Firefox gets hung, by which in turn lower to the speed of page loading.

  • Silicon Motion Announces World’s First Turnkey Merchant SATA 6GB/s SSD Controller Supporting 3D NAND

    Silicon Motion Technology Corporation is a world top provider of NAND flash controllers for SSD (Solid State Drives) is announcing that its broadly adopted SATA 6 GB/s SSD controller has been efficient to support commercial 3D NAND. 319635

    This represents the world’s first turnkey merchant SSD controller which supports 3D NAND from numerous vendors. The enhanced SM2246EN will add drive for the approval of the most price competitive high performance SSDs in the market. Turnkey SSD controller will allow SSD OEMs to start high performing SSDs featuring which is cost effective 3D NAND. 3D Power Loss Protection firmware technology defends against data loss in 3D NAND architectures. Beside the support of 2 TB capacity, its features include sequential read performance of up to 540 MB/s, write performance up to 410 MB/s, 80000 maximum random read IOPS and 75,000 maximum random write IOPS. SATA 6 GB/s SSD Controller supports SSD densities up to 2 TB, Toggle 2.0, ONFI 3.x and asynchronous NAND.SM2256 SSD Controller

    Key Features:

    • Ultra high sequential read performance of up to 540 MBps and sequential write of up to 410 MBps
    • It delivers up to 80000 random read IOPS and up to 75000 random write IOPS
    • It also supports SSD densities up to 2TB.SM-Silicon-Motion-Controller-Diagram
    • Supports ONFI 3.x, Toggle 2.0, asynchronous NAND
    • It configurable ECC engine allows consistent data, performance throughout the complete SSD life cycle
    • It ideally suited for client SSDs targeting laptops, tablets, ultrabooks and hard disk drive replacement
    • Incorporates the most recent security protocols which is AES 256, TCG(Trusted Computing Group) and Opal full drive encryption compliant
    • Supports both commercial and industrial grade requirements
    • NAND X tend error correcting and data protection technologySM2246EN-power-loss-protection
    • Supports the most recent 1x/1y/1z nm MLC and TLC flash
    • It support future 3D MLC or TLC NAND.
  • Unplugging A Portable USB Hard Drive May Cause Damage

    Most likely no one will fry their whole computer. The unplugging the hard drive whiles it is active can damage the USB port because the static electricity is being generated between you, the computer, the drive port and the USB cable. Since the hard drive is connected and powered to some level of grounding, for a stray static charge it becomes an attractive path.

    lacie-rugged-usb-3-0-portable-external-hard-driveLatent failures can be caused due to ESD damage to your USB drives or ports, that intern cause slow down of data transmission following static shock. Due to severely damage the port or device would essentially fry it and cause it not to work at all. Overall lifespan can be shortened also. ESD can occur under circumstances such as flipping a nearby switch, plugging and unplugging.

    Be comforted before you alarmingly back away from your computer by the fact that the average computer user will not necessarily have to worry about it happening. However, in situation where ESD may occur, it is very important to know about it. Once you add USB hard drives, computer system upgrades, graphics cards and other heavy duty peripherals, then the odds of static shock will increase.

    USB ports need of protection against static shock because they are hot pluggable. The data transfer rate is up to 480Mbps and USB 3.0 at 5Gbps with USB 2.0, to interruptions in the signals these speeds are fast enough. ESD up to 2kV is protected by many USB hubs, but this is not always enough.

    Gyroscopic inertia is another risk that stems from the hard drive itself, and while disconnecting it will be spinning. The manuals details are not warning you of a common risk as such and they are limiting the hard drive manufacturer’s liability. You will end up complaining to the manufacturer when your data is lost or the hard drive dies and there will no proper response from them.

    The USB devices can be hot-plugged into the system means the USB connection is hot-pluggable, but the different issue is how the devices react beyond that basic connection. The meaning of the a device being hot-pluggable simply is, without having to completely power down the device can be connected to the main system to use a device probe or to connect it like those SCSI probe control panels.

  • Learn How to Embed an iframe in a PowerPoint Presentation

    PowerPoint Presentation is the effective way to explain or to understand the things; mostly Presentations are used in companies and colleges. You can attach media files along with the text such as images and videos. Now let us study about how to embed an iframe in a PowerPoint Presentation.

    To enhance a PowerPoint Presentation, the way is by adding web objects into it. If the PowerPoint doesn’t support to insert a live website, then there are still possibilities of doing it by using the right PowerPoint add-in.

    There are three steps that are to be followed in order to embed an iframe:

    2043.image_037A29A8The iframe tag is used to display an HTML document within another and you need not have knowledge about HTML to insert web objects into your presentation. Only you need to download iSpring Converter Pro which is available for free. This software will enable you to incorporate live navigable web pages only and will enhance your PowerPoint presentations in a number of different ways that are not limited. You are free enough to add other elements to your PowerPoint presentation, such as YouTube videos, presenter info and other external resources.

    After downloading iSpring Converter Pro 8, you can easily add web objects to your presentation.

    1. Open the website that you wish to add in your presentation and copy the URL of the respective web page. Find its embedding code when you need to insert a certain element of the web page.

    In order to insert an element of a webpage, select and copy the URL from the embed code. Video hosting sites that are most popular will provide the users with codes for uploaded videos.

    To insert an element of a web page to your presentation, select and copy the URL from the embed code.

    1. Open the PowerPoint and on PowerPoint ribbon click the iSpring converter Pro 8 and on the iSpring Converter toolbar choose the Web Object button.

    There you will find an open window and paste the copied URL to insert the chosen element. Preview option is available to check the entered address is correct or wrong.

    1. To playback the web objects, convert the presentation to HTML5 and there is no need to download the 3rd party tool. Now follow the below steps:
    • On the iSpring Converter Pro toolbar click the Publish button.
    • Choose the Web option in the Publish Presentation window.
    • In the Presentation title field, type the name of your presentation.
    • From the list of output options choose Mobile (HTML5) format.

    A new window that shows a preview of your presentation will open once you complete the

  • All about Waterproof Wireless Fitness-Tracking Headphones

    There are a lot of features in the Good sports headphones while you jump, run, or jog, resist a few aggressive meetings with the ground is enabled to stay in your ears. IT also offers remote control of your phone so you don’t have to pull it out of your strap or pocket and also allows leaving it in your locker.

    e037400b98718fd8191370e6e087188dThe totally wireless sport music player called as Gogo-S hits all the right notes. As a nails wireless earbuds, Gogo-S is more than it. And effectively it is totally wireless and no wire is connected to one ear to the other. It is smart activity tracker and a portable MP3 player an interactive online training guide and a heart rate detector.

    Duet Play Technology” is used by Gogo-S to communicate with each other. The advantage of this is, it sync your music in both ears without going the route of other sport headphones that have a wire linking the two ears together. Different ergonomically designed sizes, Small, Medium and Large to fit securely in your ear as an independent ear buds and it will your phone or computer with Bluetooth. When you are bored with the 1000, then you can stream music.

    Gogos also works for the Go Sport app that enables you to select fitness experts, workout plans created by fitness experts and manage the collected Gogos data. From your heartbeat with an optical sensor and a 9-axis the Gogos discern movement, you could tell your dynamic heart. Gogos is made by the Beijing based company, According to G-Wearables, when your really pushing yourself, the earbuds are more accurate at picking up your heart rate than the Apple Watch.

    When the earbuds tell you about yourself, you can hear your speed, steps, and heart rate and can view them on your Android or iPhone. Through the audio and your pace, the training guides can be relayed and heart rate adjusts these real-time suggestions. Playlists of the songs on the earbuds can be managed by Go Sport.

    Over a million bucks in R & D went with these bad boys and they finally fill a niche. In July 2015, a regular Gogo sports music player is already in sale. The battery will get last anywhere from three to five hours, so a portable charger is used to charge and it takes around 40mins to restore the battery again.

  • How to Secure Your Computer With Password?

    Nowadays, the technology is growing vastly in this world and most of the user or corporate companies are utilizing the benefits of these new technologies to take business to a great height and to make profit to their company. Not only business people are using but also the individual user in their personal computers. The main intention of this technology is to reduce the human effort much and gain the profit more. All the works are carrying forward though the internet and most of the users save their data in the computer. Data can be of kind like important video files, financial information related to the company, audios, etc.

    how to secure your computer with password?If the same system is handled by multiple users, they may have access to your vital data on the system. You should set up an automatic screen saver program with password security. So, password protection is the first step and it provides defense to your data privacy often they the only one. These method works on timer, when you are doing some important task on system suddenly, you remember some work or someone called and you have left the system idle for more time. Then, the system will get locked automatically and when you return back you have to enter the password to access the PC. Read on this article to know more about how to secure your computer with password?

    If you have more concerned about your important files and folders, definitely you want your password should be strong and high. This will make hackers or unauthorized user hard to access your system or crack the password. There are other methods by using which you can protect your computer such as with the help of USB flash drive, set password to the BIOS, set hard drive password protection. One method is explained below:

    Steps for protecting computer with password:

    • Click on start button then choose setting option and select control panel.
    • Click display option to open the properties of display window wizard and select the screen saver tab.
    • In the screen saver tab section, select a screen saver from the selection list and adjust the setting as your want.
    • Then, check the password protected option.
    • In the wait option you have select timer setting and set the time according to your wish for 3, 5 or 10 minutes.
    • Later, click on apply and press ok button.