Deleted folder recovery

  • Advanced Tool to Recover Deleted Folders

    Deletion of folders from the hard drive is the serious issue which is faced by every user of the computer. Among them accidental deletion will be the most common factors. Sometimes you might have selected the wrong folder and deleted an important folder accidentally rather than deleting some other unwanted folders from the drive. Many a times you might have formatted the complete drive accidentally or due to some external factors like virus attack would make you to format the hard drive forcefully. Hence once the drive is formatted then the entire folders get deleted. When you delete any of the folders it will stored on the Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin is the temporary storage for all the files and folders which has been deleted intentionally or accidentally. Recycle bin folder allows you to browse all the deleted folders, recovers those folders which are deleted by mistake or to delete the folders permanently by emptying the Recycle Bin. It keeps the record of each file, folders, and directory’s original location. But there will be certain instances when the Recycle bin has been emptied out accidentally. Other factors like deleting folder using shift + delete keys, emptied Recycle Bin, improper operation of cut and paste, etc also results in deletion of folders.

    Let us know some of the causes due to which the folders get deleted from the drive and also from the Recycle bin folder.

    In some cases, the folders get deleted from the drive due to the usage of some unauthorized third party applications. Third party application like antivirus software which you use it protects your system from viruses might delete the folder without giving any notification if it detects any virus in it. In fact if the folder in which you have stored important files is attacked by the viruses then there will be possibility of losing it imprudently. When you delete any small sized folder then you can recover it back from the Recycle Bin by using the restore option. But when you delete any large sized folders then it gets bypassed from the Recycle Bin and those folders cannot be restored back as it gets deleted permanently. In such instances you can easily restore folders deleted from Recycle Bin by using the best deleted folder recovery software.

    How this deleted folder recovery software works?

    When any folder gets deleted from your system, you lose only the entry in computer. But the file content still exists on the hard drive, Windows marks the drive space as available to use so that you can write any new files on it. Hence the drive has to be scanned to recover those deleted folders. This deleted folder recovery software is designed with the advanced scanning technology that has an ability to scan the entire drive and undelete folders easily. Navigate to this link, to know how successfully this software works to undelete folders. This tool also helps to recover folders deleted from any external storage devices like flash card, USB drives, SD card, Pen drive, CF card, etc.

    Tips to avoid deletion of folders

    • Always keep the backup of important folders.
    • Download only updated antivirus software to scan the virus.
    • Immediately stop using your system as soon as you realize that you have lost the folder by deletion.
    • Never save any recovered folder on the same location from where you are recovering.