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  • Ultimate tool for disk partition recovery

    For Microsoft Windows operating systems, the hard disk drive can be separated into multiple logical units called partitions. Master Boot Record (MBR) contains the Partition Table, which illustrates the partitions of the hard disk. The hard disk partitions may get delete due to various situations and it will cause the hard drive data loss. In order to recover lost data from the hard disk drive, you need to perform partition recovery using good third party software.

    The corruption or damage to hard drive Partition Table information can take place due to various scenarios, like a failure of Master Boot Record (MBR), accidental formatting or reformatting the hard drive, deletion of partitions after repartitioning the hard drive.

    In addition to this, some other reasons are also responsible for partition deletion or corruption like deletion or damage to the partition using third party partition utility software and error encountered while using Disk Management utility for making changes in partitions etc. However, no need to panic because by the help of disk partition recovery you can rescue it.

    Let us briefly discuss few case scenarios in which the Partition Table information can be damaged or corrupt.

    Master Boot Record (MBR) Failure: A Master Boot Record is the beginning sector of a partitioned hard disk drive. It contains information about how the hard disk drive is partitioned into multiple logical units. Master Boot Record holds a Partition table, which expresses all the information about partitions of a hard disk drive and it is also called as a Partition Sector. The improper shutdown of the system may be caused due to a power outage. Improper shutdown of the system may lead to failure of Master Boot Record on the hard disk drive. When Master Boot Record fails, then the partition will be lost and this will lead to loss of data on the hard disk drive.

    Accidental deletion of partition: For Microsoft Windows operating systems many third-party partitioning utility software are available among those Partition Magic is the most popular one. Using Partition Magic software, you can either create a new partition or modify and delete the existing partition. If you accidentally delete the partition using Partition Magic software then the partition will be lost. This kind of an instance will lead to loss of data on the hard disk drive.

    Partition Table information corruption: The Partition Table information can be corrupted due to virus attack onto the hard drive. The virus is the piece of code or small program, which can replicate by itself. Viruses are most crucial things, which can affect the system files. If the viruses are present on the hard drive then there are chances to corrupt the Partition Table information.

    Virus attack: Virus usually enters in the hard disk partition while downloading some software or documents from the internet and infects the other partition, leads to deletion or corruption of partition. Sometimes virus contacts to your hard drive partition when you connect external devices like memory card, external hard drive, USB drive etc if this device already contains virus then eminently it enters your hard drive and deletes the partition, leads to loss of data from that particular partition.

    To perform partition recovery and to rescue lost data from the hard disk drive, you should make use of recover deleted disk partition software. This software is the best application, which retrieves lost data from the deleted or damaged partitions of the hard disk drive. This software can effectively perform the partition recovery for SATA, SCSI or IDE interfaced hard drive and recover lost data. You can use this software to restore lost NTFS partition file system formatted partitions or drives. This tool is so popular that it supports all brands of hard drive like Seagate (Free Agent, Expansion, and Replica), HP (Simple Save, Pocket Media), Silicon Power, Imation, Quantum, Samsung etc. This application also supports to retrieve lost media files from Mac Book running OS X Mountain Lion and other operating system having different versions like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks, EL Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra etc.

    The demo version of this software is available for free download and you can use it for trial to know how much it is competent to retrieve deleted or corrupted partitions. This tool also provides one more feature for user to see the result with preview option; one can use this tool without having much technical knowledge because it ithe s user interface. If you are satisfied with software then go fothe r complete version.

  • Lost Partition Recovery

    Generally, the partitioning is done in order to improve disk performance. Partitioning is the process of splitting a bunch of storage into isolated segments in the system. You may partition a disk, and each divided partition performs similarly to separate hard drive. Usually, the partitioning assists us while running two or three operating systems. For illustration, consider that you have made a partition for Windows XP and another for Windows Vista; we can say this case as partitioning. Generally, we go for partitioning to increase disk efficiency. There is a chance of losing your partition, and you are seeking for the way to get back lost data from unexpectedly deleted partition. Don’t be nervous, there is a software called as recover lost partition which has the power to recover all missing data from deleted partition. Before going to realize its effect and working procedure simply we may know why partition loss occurs.

    Reasons to lose partition:-

    •  Partition corruption: – There is a maximum chance of losing your crucial data if corruption occurs in the partition. This partition corruption makes data inaccessible and it may result in data loss. There are several reasons for partition corruption like power breakdown, immediate system shut down; hard disk crash, virus infection etc. are the main reasons for partition corruption.
    •  Human usual mistakes: -Data may be deleted when you unintentionally pressing Delete key. This is generally occurring human mistake to delete data from partition. Once you lose partition means all accumulated data on a partition will be lost.
    • Errors in the partition: – Few of partition errors can also tend to deletion of partition and the content may miss; it can happen while creating the new partition using third party tools.
    • Virus infection: – viruses are the most dangerous factors that can corrupt your files.

    The recover WD hard drive data software can work effectively on above cases. This software is developed by industry experts, this recovery software is designed with lots of attributes and it works effectively to recover data from deleted partition. This software can easily reinstate data from the unapproachable and corrupted partition without modifying the original file structure. It competently brings back all lost data from hidden or inaccessible partition. This software helps to partition and makes healthier use of your disk. Lost partition recovery software is user-friendly as it undertakes severe data loss from a partition. It is well-suited for recovering files from FAT and NTFS partitions.

    This software can be also employed for different hard drives like Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, and Samsung.

    This software provides you to prove its effective performance. Simply download the trial version of this software and install it then run the software. You will be happy to see all recovered files from corrupted partition will be displayed. This software’s demo version will provide you the “save recovery session” option from which you may avoid frequent scanning. Once you work with demo version means you will be well convinced. In order to get the lost data from partition, you need to pay for the genuine version of this software. You need to install this software on the healthy drive.

  • The best way to repair outlook OST file

    Microsoft Outlook is a well-liked email client used around the globe. You can easily configure Microsoft Exchange server for quick email communication inside the organization. With the usual need of email communication, Outlook offers additional features to handle contacts, journals, scheduling meeting, setting reminders, calendar items, etc.

    One of the advanced features of Microsoft Outlook would be it allows the user to function on offline. Maybe it’s possible once the Outlook email client is configured on the Microsoft Exchange server. You can also work on Outlook when you are employed in offline mode so when you go online all Outlook data is automatically synchronized to the Microsoft Exchange Server. Your email and other data which you have used to offline mode will be kept in the OST file. The OST (offline storage table) file is additionally stored on computer hard drive and therefore it gives you security to your Outlook information.

    However, there is an opportunity to get corrupt OST file when it’s synchronizing with the Microsoft Exchange Server. When the OST file is corrupted, the Outlook cannot open emails and then any data as a result. You can possibly receive the error message and you should repair outlook OST file prior to using it in Outlook. While working on your Outlook if the sudden break to exchange server or the accidental deletion of emails has become, then an OST file could get corrupt. This may also happen if the OST file has reached its maximum size or perhaps the errors during compacting OST file. Any virus attack on your PC or the server could also result in OST file corruption. Thus you could possibly lose accessibility on Outlook if the OST file is corrupted. When you try and access contents from the corrupted OST file, it’ll display the error message. However, you shouldn’t have to worry since you can repair OST PST file from the Outlook utilizing alternative party tool like OST repair software.

    You will find very fewer odds of OST file corruption in case you continue with the precautionary measures. However, since information is stored in digital form, sometimes it could happen and causes lack of Outlook data. Therefore to overcome such problems you’ll want to repair damaged OST file using the Outlook repair software. It is a highly regarded and industry recommended tool to repair OST file on all versions of Outlook. It is really a read-only application; so that it has a copy of your damaged OST file and extracts all data as a result of a matter of minutes. Even emails which can be deleted from the deleted items folder can be recovered by using this software. All recovered data is saved in a fresh OST formatting and then it could be imported back to your Outlook profile. You’ll get the recovered data in their original format as it was prior to the corruption of OST file. Applying this software one can easily perform OST file repair on Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 given it features a user-friendly interface.

    One can also look at the convenience of OST file repair with the trial sort of this software. The trial version of the software permits you to scan the corrupted OST file and examine the recovered data but to save them you should you have to purchase the license key for the software. You can download trial sort of the software freely through the company website.

  • Deleted files/Lost files can be recovered from USB using recovery software

    USB flash drives are the most useful way to carry the data. Microcards, mini cards, pen drives are all kinds of flash drives. The flash drive creates are created on the concept of the hard disk drive. Because the principal is same for working which means this product also cannot skip the files loss situations.

    File loss situations occur very frequently and may cause severe harm to the consumer. In the following paragraphs, you’ll be caused using the data of lost file recovery. Later within the context, you’ll be described with the reasons of files loss and safeguards against them. That is you can do file recovery from corrupt USB flash drive within a couple of minutes. Here begins the outline associated with loss and recovery.

    Listed here are amazing reasons that can lead to deletion of files out of your USB flash cards.

    • When the user removes files from hard drives from the system then your files is held in the “Recycle Bin” or “Trash” and it is secure somewhere and could possibly get the files back. The consumer generally reinstates files from “Recycle Bin” or from “Trash”.  Within the situation of USB memory stick, the erased files aren’t saved within the Trash after the deletion people arrived at the fact, once they don’t begin to see the erased files within the “Recycle Bin” or “Trash”.
    • When the user removes files it, either it is going to “Recycle Bin” or it skips the storage. This missing scenario is extremely less known through the people. The fact behind this missing is when the consumer removes the files and the files are larger compared to Recycle Bin’s size than also the files are going to be erased permanently.
    • Removal of USB flash drives is easy to use, but have a couple of restricted steps. The step is simply to eject the USB flash drives using “Safely Removal Option”. People generally, in order to save time, disconnect the unit from the system abruptly that causes the deletion of files from USB flash drives.
    • Drive is really suitable for another system if having a USB port. Insertion of USB memory stick to unsecured sources can lead to deletion of files as virus attack may be the greatest cause that happens because of an unsecured network.
    • Installation of some 3rd party tool can remove files without your information. Tools like anti-virus if set up in the machine can remove files which contain infections that can lead to deletion of files.

    These above pointed out situations are very known situations that may result in deletion of files out of your USB flash drives. Therefore, it is best to possess some preventive steps to prevent the deletion of files from USB flash drives.

    Backup development of certain files or full hard drive will help you greatly. When the up-to-date backup is produced then you definitely do not need to fret since you can obtain the data despite complete loss of data. Rather, you may also use recovery software. Choosing the program may be struggling for, but we’ll allow it to be easy. For selecting the program you should use the demo version link, and to ensure that software could be judged according to your needs.

  • Ways to recover data from NTFS partition:


    NTFS or New Technology File System is an advanced version and successor of FAT file system that was introduced by Microsoft with Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2000; NT  Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10.The NTFS file system has many advantages over FAT file system such as high performance, high-level file security, improvement journals, disk defragment tool, disk quotas, volume mount points and more. It also has an ability to encrypt folders and files to protect your important data.

    A hard drive is a separate disk where you can divide memory into separate sections these sections are called partition. By using partitions we separate system files and program files. Though it has features which provide security to the data, still you can lose data from NTFS partitions.

    Suppose you were working on a project for past 3 weeks, and you were just about to finish it.The project was to be submitted in a few days. You saved your document and went out for a coffee with your colleague. Surprisingly when you came back your screen was black. The computer rebooted itself repeatedly and got stuck in the booting process with a message “bootable device is not found”. You tried to restart your computer few times but you were unable to access your computer due to error as you have lost your NTFS partition. You must be worried how to retrieve your documents relevant to your project. Now you must be really frustrated as you had the project details in that partition along with some other important files. You have got no idea why all these happened.

    Don’t worry!!The files from your NTFS partition are not lost permanently. You will be glad to hear that the files still remain in their original memory space even after partition loss. You can easily recover them before they are overwritten. Nowadays there are recover software available in the market using which you can retrieve data from NTFS partition. One among them is partition recovery software. You can use this tool to recover NTFS partition from the hard drive in few simple steps. This tool provides an effective yet simple recovery procedure to restore data from deleted/lost NTFS partition.

    However, it is really necessary for you to be familiar with some other data loss scenarios which are responsible for deletion or loss of NTFS partition.

    Common data loss scenarios: 

    Human errors:

    •  Accidental deletion of partition from windows disk management utility: NTFS partition can be deleted accidentally while trying to relocate free space among partitions may lead to the deletion of existing partition.
    •  Accidentally formatting partition: The NTFS partition can be unintentionally formatted by the user. For e.g. you may select C: drive when trying to format E: drive. As a result, you will end up in losing data from c drive. When trying to format E: drive user may select C: drive. The NTFS partition could also get formatted while converting a partition from dynamic to basic.
    •  Shutting down your computer improperly may result in inaccessible windows/partitions/drives.

    Software errors:

    • Errors generated during conversion of file systems may also lead to data loss.
    • Partitioning errors caused while trying to create new partitions using third party partitioning utilities.
    • Unable to access partitions due to r error in e-partitioning/corruption.

    Power outages:

    Power surge causing partition corruption which eventually makes windows inaccessible.As a result of which you may lose valuable data.

    The data can also be lost due to virus attack to your hard drive. In case you encounter data loss due to any of the above-mentioned scenarios. The very first thing you need to do is Stop using the hard drive as soon as you have lost files from NTFS hard disk and do not attempt to add any new data to that NTFS disk drive. Thus you can avoid overwriting of lost NTFS partition data causes permanent data loss.

    There are many data recovery software that is available in the markets which offer quick and easy recovery, with which you can easily recover the data from deleted/lost NTFS partition. So NTFS data recovery software is recommended. The installation procedure for the software is easy in few simple steps.

    This software provides you the fastest recovery of data from lost/missing partitions, formatted, re-formatted partitions and re-partitioned drives. The software helps you to recover data from hard drive having bad sectors by creating disk images. Supports recovery of compressed files from NTFS formatted drives. It helps you to recover partitions from various storage devices like hard drives, USB drives, Firewire drives, memory cards etc. So you can easily retrieve USB drive partition data using this software.

    Now you just need to install the demo version of the software on the hard drive of your computer which is available online on the hard drive of your computer. If you are satisfied with the performance using demo version, then you can buy its full version.