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  • Software to Recover PSD Files

    Worried about the fact of how to recover PSD files? Among the software available throughout the internet to recover PSD files Recover Media. The Recover Media is an application specially developed to recover all popular formats of multimedia files (audio, video, images, etc) recognizing of over 300 file types which is available free to download. It is compatible with the

    What is PSD?

    A PSD is a layered image file which is a default file format for Adobe Photoshop. A PSD abbreviated as Photoshop document, allows the user to work with every individual layer even prior to the file being saved. After saving the image files, Photoshop allows the user to flatten the layers of the image file and then converting them to .TIFF, .GIF format. The files once converted to .TIFF or .GIF or .JPG they cannot be reverted back to the PSD format and the layers cannot be manipulated thereon.

    Thus in order to protect the original file, the user should not overwrite the file as once converted cannot be reverted, which can result in loosing of the original files.

    Scenarios to the corrupted PSD

    • Bracket error UTF-8 PSD is displayed when trying to open a file but the brackets currently only supports UTF-8 encoded text files.
    • Accidental deletion of the PSD file using “SHFT+DEL” can delete the data which bypasses the recycle bin which is permanently deleted from the device.
    • Internal error code 🙁 1682591070:1745+15) is the error code displayed while importing the file and nothing happens.
    • System crash adds to woes as while upgrading the version of Photoshop, the system crashes, causing the Photoshop files to be corrupted and displays errors like files are not supported or the system needs formatting.
    • Virus and malware also pose a constant threat which may corrupt the files and the user may also experience unexpected behavior. Upgrading the file systems frequently may result in corrupted data.
    • Error code 1852402768 is the error code displayed when the oceans.psd theme has been changed incorrectly or may be removed.
    • While flattening the image, if the user overwrites the original file and once converted to PSD, the original PSD file cannot be recovered further.

    Why Recover Media?

    The Recover Media is the apt recovery software which allows recovery of all popular formats of multimedia like Image(.JPG,.JPEG etc), videos(MOV, MPEG-4 etc), audio(mp3,mp4 etc) from lost or corrupted data within a few clicks. The software incorporates enhanced scanning algorithm to search for the corrupted files throughout the device. The Recovery software recovers RAW image files like CRW, CR2, PEF, NEF etc.

    The Recover Media recovers files from external and internal hard drives, USB device, Flashwire etc and even from file types of SCSI, IDE etc. The software allows the recovery of

    • PSD files
    • deleted files from files types such as FAT32,FAT16,ExFAT,NTFS,NTFS5 drives
    • RAID partitions like RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5
    • Files that bypass the recycle bin and also files deleted using “SHFT+DEL”.

    The “Preview” tool allows the user to view the files prior to the completion of the recovery process and the Find tool allows the user to search for a particular file by refining the search in terms of date created, date modified, name etc.

    The “First try then buy” feature allows the user to download the free version of the software to recover the files. But saving the recovered files to their desired destination requires upgrading to the Pro version of the same which allows enhanced features towards recovering PSD images.

  • Software for memory card recovery used in different devices

    Looking for recovery software for memory card then you’re at the best place. In memory cards loss of data is a really common factor that’s faced by the user in the day to day existence. Memory is extremely cheap and portable that lots of user favor to have their data safe. A lot more features exist which boost the recognition of memory products.

    Memory is guaranteed to be able to keep your data, while portable, cheap, reliable etc. Memory cards are utilized in phones mostly, digital camera models, computer, etc to keep the data as a built-in memory of every product is not too much.

    Manipulation of data in memory cards can be achieved easily, but the truth is regardless of the data storage medium has been built-in the planet and not even one of them can skip from loss of data. Likewise, your memory card may also lose data.

    Therefore, to recover data you need some reliable sources. Recovery software for memory card can be found in number and guarantee for file recovery. But all of them aren’t that reliable to create complete recovery. Suppose, if you wish to recover data out of your phone memory card then what you are going to do.  Here is a solution, you have to restore phone memory cards using recovery software.

    This program is really effective that it can recover data of all kind of memory cards. The program calculations are built-in such a manner that it deeply scans the memory cards and return all of your data. The program has a couple of simple steps to follow along with that you’ll get your data lost and deleted data back very easy form. It provides a complete scan of files using the calculations inside it and also at the finish it request to save a session.This session can recover the data at any time and returns your data within a couple of minutes.

    Which you do not need to be done: Ejection of connected memory mustn’t be achieved abruptly from the system. In the same manner, abrupt shutdown and shutting of system and application correspondingly should be prevented. Never hook you up memory somewhere that’s not reliable for you. Virus attack could be triggered by several means so don’t place memory cards in an unsecured place.

    When so ever there’s loss of data either out of your memory so better keep that memory idle to ensure that there left some chances for recovery. The one thing that lines are stating that doesn’t save the files or data on that specific space because this will steer clear of the overwriting of data on that space and increases the likelihood of recovery. Finally, if this happens then your recovery becomes impossible.

    Solution: Lastly if some condition originates from where you’ve had lost your computer data then do you not worry as there’s a choice to recuperate data. You can download the tool and can recover the data within few seconds. Once you install the program in your system you’ll be featured with recovery features.

  • Software to Recover Deleted Videos From Pen Drive

    “… A few days ago, I deleted some videos from Pen drive, as I was in need of memory space to load some documents. Now, I need the deleted videos back. Is it possible to recover deleted videos? If so: How to recover deleted video files from Pen drive? Could anyone assist me…”

    In recent years, the usage of Pen drives has been dramatically increasing because of its durable and reliable nature. However, the data loss from Pen drive is common scenario faced by the computer users. The data might get delete due to various reasons from the Pen drive. In precise, if the videos from the Pen drive get deleted, you may spare a second thought: how to recover deleted video files from Pen drive. If you are in search of an external tool to restore deleted videos from Pen drive, you have landed on a right page. Here is the finest recovery software, where you can get back the deleted video file in a few simple mouse clicks.

    The pen drive data recovery software is designed and developed by IT specialists. This tool has a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm, that could effortlessly restore Pen drive deleted video file in a couple of minutes. Then; how to recover deleted video files from pen drive?

    Download and install the Pen drive data recovery software on your OS and move few steps ahead to restore deleted videos from Pen drive. This toolkit is simple to use; it provides the complete guidance towards recovery session. Regardless of size and format, this software successfully retrieves the deleted videos from Pen drive.

    Eye-catching features of Pen drive recovery software:

    1. This tool supports to recover the deleted or lost data including videos from the Pen drive quickly.
    2. The videos from the formatted Pen drive can also be restored with an ease.
    3. Audios, videos, pictures and documents of various formats can be restored without any level of difficulty.
    4. The various video formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, etc. can be restored swiftly without effecting on original content or the video quality.
    5. The deleted videos from various brands of Pen drives like SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony, etc. can be restored in a simple step.
    6. Other various formats like DOC, DOCX, PPT, PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP3, etc. can also be retrieved without hassle.
    7. The deleted/lost/formatted data from various media storage devices such as SD card, memory card, CF card, external hard drive, iPods etc. can be recovered with the help of this application software.

    Let us know; The Scenarios that can be handled with the help of Pen drive recovery software.

    1. At some point in time, you might in need of some deleted videos from Pen drive, in such scenarios this toolkit provides the prime solution for recovering deleted videos.
    2. Knowingly or unintentionally formatting the Pen drive will erase the data permanently including videos. This application is an aid in such hard situation.
    3. Virally infected Pen drive might delete some videos; such vulnerable cases can be handled with an ease with the help of this software.
    4. The videos deleted due to some bad sectors, abrupt shutdown, improper handling of Pen drives, Unsuccessful transfer process, etc. can be recovered easily.

    This software effectively recovers deleted videos from pen drive on various versions of Windows including the latest Windows 10  as well as on different Mac OS.