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  • Tutorial demonstrating the Video Repair Tool

    Video files corrupted? Just sit back, relax and read this tutorial. Video file corruption is a very common factor that every user might come across. They will relax only after finding a way to repair the corrupted video files. Those corrupted video files can be repaired using an easy to use software called Remo Repair MOV. Many devices today support recording and playback of MOV and MP4 video files. Due to its extensive usage, there is a higher possibility of getting the videos corrupted and unplayable. In this case, just use this tool to smoothly repair the damaged / corrupt video file.

    This article is just about a video repair tool to repair video file using Remo Repair MOV tool. How to find corruption? You can get an error showing that the file is corrupted and need to repair. Almost all the popular video players such as VLC, KM-Player, and QuickTime players are able to identify the corruption and displays it to the user. Watch the below video demonstrating the usage of the video repair tool to repair video file.

    Characteristics of Remo Repair MOV Tool

    • This software helps users repair MOV as well as MP4 files of all the sizes. There is no limit in repairing the videos.
    • The tool can be used easily as it has a user-friendly interactive interface which is designed specially to help novice users.
    • Ability to repair video files stored on external and internal hard disks, USB thumb drives, SD cards, SSD drives, etc.
    • The tool functions effectively by reading all parts of the corrupt video and thus helps repairing the entire video in seconds.
    • Supports all audio video codecs encoded in the corrupt video. Works in converted videos too.
    • Give users to look at the repaired video before saving it. Users can make sure that whether the repaired video plays without any issues or not.

    How to Repair using Remo?

    For better and clear understanding of video repair using Remo Software, it is recommended that you watch the above video before proceeding to repair using this tool. It is explained clearly what to do and what not to do and all the steps from the very beginning to the end.

    The software is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac Operating systems up to the latest version OS. So, you need not worry about any compatibility issues. The thing you need is an activated license of the software to unlock the save feature.

    Video Corruption – Scenarios

    • Playing video file in an underrated third party video player may lead to corruption of your valuable video file.
    • Conversion of file types and editing the actual video with unreliable software can cause damage to your videos.
    • Ejecting the drive from which the video is playing may cause corruption.
    • Corruption or damage due to the virus and malware attack in computers.
    • Shutting down the system without closing the video or altering the audio / video codecs may certainly lead to damage of your video.

    The tool helps a lot to the users who have the video in corrupted format. The time takes for the tool to repair corrupt video files is less as it has effective mechanisms. Now, you figured a way to repair video files, so what are you waiting for? Use the tool and start repairing your corrupt / damaged video files.

  • Tool to Recover Seagate Drive Partition – Download

    seagateIn this technical world, people are using laptops or desktops for their official as well as personal works. After completion of work, people save there work in specific file format on their system hard drive. These storage drives are connected with computer internally and contained all the user’s data as well as operating system. These hard drives are manufactured by various world leading brands. Seagate is one of them. It manufactures different types of hard devices, including Solid State Drives, external hard drives, system drives, Hybrid drives, etc. All of these Seagate drives offer high data transferring rate, large storage capability, compatibility with various devices, easy to use and many other features.

    In order to save and retrieve data from Seagate drives, people divide it into multiple logical parts. These parts of Seagate drives are known as partitions. The size of these drive partitions are depends on the users need. People can also expand and reduce the size of these Seagate partitions based on their requirements. Being highly advanced, Seagate drive partitions are not free from problems. Most of the people face their data deletion or loss issue from Seagate drive partition. After encountering such situations, people want to recover Seagate drive partition data because they do not want to spend more time to do it again.

    In this situation, people can take the help of Recover partition app and easily overcome from this painful data loss or deletion circumstances very easily. Before taking more about this utility let us discus few most common reason by which Seagate drive partition data may get deleted or lost:

    • Formatting Seagate drive partition instance of other external drive connected with the laptop is one of the most common reasons behind this problem.
    • Deleting few important data files from Seagate drive partition during removing other useless files in order to save some other data in partition can also lead to data deletion from partition.
    • File system corruption of Seagate drive partition will lead to inaccessibility of it. In this circumstance, people need to format their partition to access it, but this formatting process will erase complete data from it without any warning message.
    • Interruption between data transferring from one drive to other or partition to external drive can also be reason behind data loss from both drives.

    Features of Recover Partition application:       

    • It has enough potential to recover Seagate drive partition data which can have any file system, including HFS, NTFS, HFS+, FAT16, NTFS5 and FAT32.
    • Supports data recovery from Seagate drive partition on all latest Windows and Mac based operating systems.
    • Ability to recover Seagate drive partition data which can be lost, deleted, corrupted, broken or damaged.
    • Easy to use interface supports to get back various types of data files from Seagate drive partition like pictures, text files, videos, documents, audios and many others.

    Steps to recover data from Seagate drive partitions:

    • Download and install this Recover Partition utility on your laptop or desktop.
    • Lunch the app to recover Seagate drive partition data and select “Partition Recovery” option.
    • On next window, select Seagate drive partition from which data has been deleted or lost and click on Next arrow.
    • Recovery process of drive partition will start. Once the recovery will complete, list of all the deleted or lost files will display.
    • People can take the preview of recovered data before saving it to the destination.
  • How to Perform Lexar Professional Card Recovery?

    “Yesterday I went to my friend’s house to see her new born baby andimages captured lots of pictures from my digital camera. While I am transferring files from my digital camera Lexar card to my system, suddenly my system gets shutdown. When I restart my system to transfer files from my digital camera Lexar card to the system then what I see that no files are present on my Lexar card. Those pictures and videos are very much memorable for me. Can anyone suggest me any software which can perform Lexar professional card recovery within few mouse clicks?”

    If you come across the above-mentioned situation then don’t get panic as you can use Lexar Card Recovery software to perform Lexar professional card recovery with great ease. This software comes with advanced algorithms which scan your entire digital camera Lexar card and restores files from it within few mouse clicks.

    Reasons for data loss from Lexar Card:

    • Bad sectors
    • Antivirus scanning
    • File system corruption
    • Power surge or low battery
    • Use of unreliable software
    • Card error
    • Wrong usage of card
    • Interruption while transferring files from card
    • Mishandling of card
    • Abrupt ejection of card from system
    • Accidental or unintentional formatting of cards
    • Lexar Card corruption

    Under such situation, you can use Lexar Card Recovery Tool on system or laptop to recover deleted or lost files. With the assistance of this software, you are able to perform data recovery from hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, FireWire drive, USB drive and flash drives.

    Precautionary Measures:

    • Keep the backup of essential files on some other storage device to avoid data loss.
    • Don’t capture photos or videos while digital camera battery is low.
    • Use good antivirus to prevent your files from harmful virus or malware attack.
    • Don’t use Lexar memory card on multiple devices which may cause data loss.
    • Never eject the Lexar memory card abruptly during file transfer.

    Features Lexar Card Recovery Tool:

    • You can download this software on Windows as well as Mac versions to recover files from Lexar Professional Card.
    • Supported System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
    • Using this software, you are able to recover data from Lexar card as well as SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, Samsung, Kingston, Sony, etc.
    • Demo version of this software is available on the website so that user can easily download and recover deleted files from Lexar card. You can also preview the recovered files and then restore on the desired location.
    • Before deleting any files, cross verify twice to make sure that you are deleting correct files.
    • You can recover files from various types of memory card such as SD, MMC, CF, XD, SDXC, SDHC, etc.
    • This software works in read-only mode as it doesn’t alter or modify the original file.
    • It recovers various file formats of photos such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF,etc.