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  • Photo Recovery Software- Recover Deleted or Lost Pictures

    In the current digital world, pictures that are accessed are usually digital and they play important role in everyone’s life. Nowadays capturing, storing and watching them have become a part of the life. Photos are mostly captured in mobiles mostly, because the mobiles are associated with high resolution cameras. And mobile phones are more abundantly used by the people, so capturing and accessing of photos is very much easy. Mostly photos are stored in the computer hard drive to have backup.

    Windows_Photo_Viewer_in_Windows_7Consider a scenario: you have saved some important photos in your computer and one day you found that those photos are missing. Missing of photos may happen due to many of the reasons. In this situation you will be frustrated and thinking about the solution to recover the missing photos. Also you should know that there is no manual way to recover the lost or deleted photos so the only option that is left to you if you want to recover lost photos is by third party tool.

    Some causes of loss of photos:

    Delete All button: In every mobile device when you open the photos folder, there will be an option “Delete All” at the top of the screen. By mistake if you press that button while checking the photos, then all the photos will get deleted at a time.

    Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are those sectors that are damaged physically. The main reason of occurrence of bad sectors is overheating. The files that are present on the bad sectors will not be accessible and it is the loss of those files.

    Other reasons: There are some more reasons that are responsible for the loss of photos. Some of them are due to file system corruption, file header corruption, virus infection, improper transfer of files, accidental format, etc.

    Photo recovery is very essential because of the important photos. So third party tool is required to recover the deleted or lost photos from any storage device. In the current scenario, the abundantly used and reliable tool that can recover the lost or deleted photos is Photo Recovery Software.

    This software is associated with the easy and advanced interface that will make the users to recover the photos in an easy manner. Technical knowledge is not that important to handle this tool and normal users are required to recover the photos.

    Save Recovery Session is the unique feature of this utility. This feature will help in saving the time instead of rescanning the storage device. Once the scanned details are stored in a file and can use that file to restore photos.