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  • Mozilla Firefox: Best Web Browsing and Fast Running Experience

    firefoxMozilla Firefox is a free and most popular open source web browser application which is available for various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Mobile version of Firefox also available for Android, and Firefox OS. Firefox browser is liked by many people because of its fast speed and advanced customization features. The speed of Firefox browser was found to be more than Google Chrome, reported in some tests. All the same, the speed decreased at many occasions without any obvious causes.

    A slow browser cannot proceed with full advantage of a fast Internet speed if browser is running at dial up speed. Many problems such as slow switch from one tab to another, slow start-up time of Firefox, Firefox hangs, slow page loading, frequent crash and problem related to YouTube videos are the causes behind the slow performance of Firefox.

    Yet, in this post, we are advising with some best tips and tricks to make Firefox faster. So, let us have a look at some twists and basic tasks that can easily speed up slow Mozilla Firefox.

    One of the best ways to make Firefox browser faster is Refreshing. Firefox brings most of the default settings during installation. However, people should be sensible of what really happens when they are Refresh Firefox. The Profile Folder in Firebox includes the browser setting along with some other essential information about Firefox. Due to refresh, Firefox creates a new Profile Folder and back up all of the crucial Firefox information in it.

    Mozilla Firefox browser saves various information like Bookmarks, Passwords, Browsing History, Open Windows & Tabs, Auto-Fill info, Cookies and Personal Dictionary. However, the items that would be deleted will be Website Permissions, Download History, Social Features, Themes & Extensions, DOM Storage, Plugin Settings and Search Engines that users have added.

    Clearing browser history is very strongly suggested. Once a week user should be clear cache and cookies of web browser. During keeping them will increase the loading speed of web pages, however, these temporary data will make the web browser heavy if it is kept for many days. It will result in Firefox gets hung, by which in turn lower to the speed of page loading.