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  • Steps To Perform Data Recovery On Windows

    hdWindows operating systems are used by people across the globe due to its easy to use interface and advanced features. Windows operating system has been developed and marketing by Microsoft Corp. Microsoft has launched a series of Windows system including, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP. All of these Windows system having some advanced features and updated version of their previous OS. Windows 10 is the latest OS launched by Microsoft. These operating systems are most reliable and secure. Like other systems Microsoft Systems are also used hard drives to store user information. People store their all important files on computer hard disk drive such as email archives, images, documents, videos, audios, text and many other.

    Besides these advanced features of Windows system, sometime people face some data deletion or loss from their Windows system. There are a number of causes by which files can face file deletion or lost issue with their Windows systems. After encountering such issue, people want to recover data from Windows system at any cost. If you are facing such data deletion or loss issue with your Windows system, then follow this post because here I am going to describe an efficient and advanced way to get back each bit of information from Windows system. So to recover data from Windows system, you can utilize Win Data Recovery application. This utility has specially designed to perform Windows system data recovery.

    Before proceeding with the recovery procedure and advanced features of this program let us talk about some most common causes which may lead to data deletion or loss from Windows system:

    • Unintentionally formatting or re-formatting the Windows system hard drive partition, without taking the proper backup of the drive partition data may lead to entire data loss.
    • Power fluctuation or improper computer shutdown at the time of data transferring process is going on may lead to data.
    • Improper partitioning or repartition of the Windows system hard drive may also be a reason behind data loss.
    • Bad sectors, system crash, virus attack, file system corruption can make the system hard drive inaccessible by which the complete data on hard disk become unreachable.
    • Deleting a file using command prompt, using key combination, empty recycle bin folder, can also be a reason behind file deletion from Windows system.

    Whatever can be a reason behind file deletion from Windows system, you can easily recover data from Windows systems by utilizing