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  • All about Waterproof Wireless Fitness-Tracking Headphones

    There are a lot of features in the Good sports headphones while you jump, run, or jog, resist a few aggressive meetings with the ground is enabled to stay in your ears. IT also offers remote control of your phone so you don’t have to pull it out of your strap or pocket and also allows leaving it in your locker.

    e037400b98718fd8191370e6e087188dThe totally wireless sport music player called as Gogo-S hits all the right notes. As a nails wireless earbuds, Gogo-S is more than it. And effectively it is totally wireless and no wire is connected to one ear to the other. It is smart activity tracker and a portable MP3 player an interactive online training guide and a heart rate detector.

    Duet Play Technology” is used by Gogo-S to communicate with each other. The advantage of this is, it sync your music in both ears without going the route of other sport headphones that have a wire linking the two ears together. Different ergonomically designed sizes, Small, Medium and Large to fit securely in your ear as an independent ear buds and it will your phone or computer with Bluetooth. When you are bored with the 1000, then you can stream music.

    Gogos also works for the Go Sport app that enables you to select fitness experts, workout plans created by fitness experts and manage the collected Gogos data. From your heartbeat with an optical sensor and a 9-axis the Gogos discern movement, you could tell your dynamic heart. Gogos is made by the Beijing based company, According to G-Wearables, when your really pushing yourself, the earbuds are more accurate at picking up your heart rate than the Apple Watch.

    When the earbuds tell you about yourself, you can hear your speed, steps, and heart rate and can view them on your Android or iPhone. Through the audio and your pace, the training guides can be relayed and heart rate adjusts these real-time suggestions. Playlists of the songs on the earbuds can be managed by Go Sport.

    Over a million bucks in R & D went with these bad boys and they finally fill a niche. In July 2015, a regular Gogo sports music player is already in sale. The battery will get last anywhere from three to five hours, so a portable charger is used to charge and it takes around 40mins to restore the battery again.