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  • How to Secure Your Computer With Password?

    Nowadays, the technology is growing vastly in this world and most of the user or corporate companies are utilizing the benefits of these new technologies to take business to a great height and to make profit to their company. Not only business people are using but also the individual user in their personal computers. The main intention of this technology is to reduce the human effort much and gain the profit more. All the works are carrying forward though the internet and most of the users save their data in the computer. Data can be of kind like important video files, financial information related to the company, audios, etc.

    how to secure your computer with password?If the same system is handled by multiple users, they may have access to your vital data on the system. You should set up an automatic screen saver program with password security. So, password protection is the first step and it provides defense to your data privacy often they the only one. These method works on timer, when you are doing some important task on system suddenly, you remember some work or someone called and you have left the system idle for more time. Then, the system will get locked automatically and when you return back you have to enter the password to access the PC. Read on this article to know more about how to secure your computer with password?

    If you have more concerned about your important files and folders, definitely you want your password should be strong and high. This will make hackers or unauthorized user hard to access your system or crack the password. There are other methods by using which you can protect your computer such as with the help of USB flash drive, set password to the BIOS, set hard drive password protection. One method is explained below:

    Steps for protecting computer with password:

    • Click on start button then choose setting option and select control panel.
    • Click display option to open the properties of display window wizard and select the screen saver tab.
    • In the screen saver tab section, select a screen saver from the selection list and adjust the setting as your want.
    • Then, check the password protected option.
    • In the wait option you have select timer setting and set the time according to your wish for 3, 5 or 10 minutes.
    • Later, click on apply and press ok button.