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  • Essential Tips for Repairing Outlook Inbox 

    Outlook is Email’s applications which are widely preferred most of the people all over the globe. Now a day, Emails are most popularly used for communicating different people  and this Email application is very much needed as communication is very much important for the people to share their information. With the help of this application, you can save the data of Email in .pst and .ost file extension. In addition to this email service, this Outlook application provides you to save the other documents such as contacts, calendar, reminder, tasks, RSS feeds and many more. Due to this features, Outlook application is most widely used by the clients.

    PST stands for Personal Storage Table which is used to store personal data of the users and it can be created by any users at desired time. It allows users to store the documents in .pst file extension and these PST files will works only online it means only during the connection of the internet server. You can’t modify the data when the internet connection is off. But the Outlook files is get updated with the help of OST file during offline connectioninbox repair tool outlook .

    OST stands for Offline Storage Table and it is also used to store data of the Outlook application. It is similar to the PST file, but it works during offline connection of the internet server. When the internet is not available then also you can edit the file and can easily made changes in the data. The modify data get updated by synchronizing and this is done when the internet server connection is available. These files store the Outlook data with .ost file extension.

    Due to wide range of applications of Outlook applications, it becomes much famous and most of the people like to use it. Due to this reason, Microsoft came many updated versions which have additional features when compared to the older versions. The different versions such as Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and recently updated version is Outlook 2016. This Outlook 2016 has more advanced features than the other version of this application.

    Instead of these many features, PST files and OST files get corrupted and become inaccessible. This is happened due to several reasons and at this stage, if corrupted files are important to you then it is needed to repair corrupted file and this repairing of the file can be easily perform with Scanpst.exe tool which is the native tool of this Outlook for repairing PST file. But this tool will work only some scenarios as it has limitations. So I strongly recommend you Software named as Inbox Repair Software which is inbuilt with strong algorithm that can fix the different issues regarding inaccessible of PST file as well as OST file. Before this, let us see the scenarios in which PST file become inaccessible.

    Reasons for inaccessible of PST file:

    • There will be always header file for each and every file which is used to stores the basic information of the files such as size, name, etc. If this header files get corrupted, then the file become inaccessible and you can’t access the data.
    • As the files get affected with the virus or any harmful attack, then the files become inaccessible and Outlook data becomes unreadable.
    • There is chance that files become inaccessible, if any error takes place while synchronizing. So here in this case also data get unreadable.

    Irrespective of reason behind inaccessible of PST file, this Inbox Repair Tool Outlook works for you in repairing the corrupted PST files and it can be done with the help of its amazing features.  Continue reading this page, to know advanced features of Inbox Repair Tool. This software supports the different versions of Windows series and Mac series of OS.

  • Simple OST To PST Converter Tool To Repair OST File

    Outlook developed by Microsoft Corporation is a personal information manager used to manage your emails, appointments, calendars and also other Outlook attributes in a single application which are stored on server. The Outlook files which are stored has a file extension as .pst and .ost.

    PST: It is an Outlook data file which stores all your information and other items on your gadgets. This is most utilized ordinary file where information on Outlook is saved by all home users and also in some organizations.

    By using Microsoft Exchange Server account, all your emails, appointments, calendars and other attributes are delivered and saved on server itself. But you can configure this Outlook data file for a separate copy of your attributes on gadgets named as Offline storage table (.ost), which permits you to work offline, if your internet connection to the exchange computer is unavailable. And also it synchronizes files automatically when internet connection is available.

    But sometimes this OST files become inaccessible due to some reasons like corruption of OST file, synchronization error etc.  So in order to make your files accessible you can convert these corrupted files to PST with the help of OST to PST converter. Check this out to know how to convert OST to PST. There are many reasons responsible for corruption of OST file some of them are discussed below.ost to pstSynchronization errors: Since, OST file is an offline storage folder and it automatically synchronizes its data on connecting with Microsoft Exchange Server. Suppose, while synchronizing if any kind of error occurs in the application. Then, there are lots of possibilities for your OST file to get corrupt.

    Improper methods of Outlook application termination: Sometimes, while working on MS Outlook program you may forcefully close the application by sudden shutdown of the computer, End the task on task manager, etc. might lead in corrupting your OST file.

    OST file header corruption: Header of your OST, houses all the relative information’s of file like data of creation, name, and size so on. If the header get corrupted due to bad sectors. Then Microsoft Outlook application doesn’t opens properly and your Outlook.ost file may get corrupt.

     Reason to choose OST to PST converter:

    • This software is very easy to utilize and also don’t need any other additional qualities to work with this software.
    • OST to PST converter software is read-only and non-destructive software, where it doesn’t change the original OST file instead it generates a fresh copy of PST file without modifying the original file.
    • This software is scanned with powerful antivirus software’s by promising that there is no malware infection.
    • This tool is capable of converting OST to PST on all versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.
    • With the help of this software you can convert encrypted OST file, damaged OST file and also password protected OST file into healthy PST file.
  • Software to Recover Outlook Emails

    Emailing could be the one of many supreme means of communication with the entire world in current days. Microsoft Outlook is just about the best email providers. Also the majority of the professional folks from various fields are utilizing MS Outlook for mailing purpose. User is able to keep their private info inside Outlook account, info including emails, notes, important contacts etc. and these kinds of info will likely be got stored inside the particular database of Outlook which is called PST files. If you happen to be well acknowledged user regarding Outlook then you could have known the significance of this Outlook PST file well.
    Now, knowingly or maybe unknowingly, with good or bad reasons your own email folder find deleted or may get damaged so that you will be unable to access that anymore. What will you do? Yes certainly, Outlook offers you the particular inbuilt PST data file recovery mechanism to get your e-mail, but let’s say this built-in mechanism are unable to find your current email files? Suddenly got tensed!!! You will permanent solution for all your problems by using recover Outlook Emails software. Having this app, you will definitely come to know how to recover deleted, lost and damaged emails from your Outlook account.

    Scenarios for the Corruption of PST Files

    • Upgrade Errors: If you upgrade the Outlook from one version to another while performing operations such as import or export of the data may leads to PST file corruption. Also due to improper update of an application, it can become inaccessible.
    • PST file Oversize:There is size limit for the Outlook PST file. This size indicates that the PST file is capable to hold a particular amount of data if this is exceeded then the PST file may get corrupt.
    • Other Issues: Improper shut down, software clashes, etc. leads to PST file damage or corruption. As the result, you may lose your important PST file

    As said earlier, recover PST software helps you to survive these types of problems on both Windows and Mac based OS platforms.

    Key features of recover PST Utility

    It recovers deleted PST files and supports all the latest versions of MS Outlook. This product has the ability to convert damaged or password protected OST files into new healthy PST file. This utility is more compatible with the different versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. This tool helps to analyze the personal folder structure to recover deleted PST files and recover all the data items. It retains original folder structure of Outlook attributes. This tool helps to recover the deleted email messages on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X. This software can able to preview your recovered PST file before restoration. Afterwards, you can save the recovered PST file by getting licensed version of recover Outlook Emails utility.