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  • Reliable Application to Restore Lost Files from Hard Drive

    Protection of files in hard drive without backup becomes very risky. Most of the computer users unaware of this phrase until and unless they face the data loss issues. Sometimes, it happens that your computer hard drive gets crashed or corrupted because of many reasons and you suffer from huge data loss. In such case, it is very common behavior of human being that getting panic or frustrated and unaware how to restore lost files from hard drive.

    Don’t be panic, you can easily get back all the lost files from hard disk by using Lost Drive Recovery software. It is one of the reliable application in recovering lost or deleted files and effectively works on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system. This recovery tool supports to restore lost files from different file system namely FAT16, HFS+, FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS, HFS, and NTFS5. More than 200 types of files are recovered by employing Lost Drive Recovery software on the basis of unique signature.

    Some of the common reasons that leads to data loss from hard drive are:

    • Sometime, when you mistakenly connect malware or virus infected portable drive to your laptop or PC, then, there are more possibility that virus get an entry into hard drive. It may damage or corrupt the file system and make all stored data inaccessible from hard drive.
    • In some situation when you associate external hard drive to your computer and it shows a format error like “format the drive” as soon as you this error in hurry if you press ok then it erase all files and folders stored in it. This results in huge amount of data loss from hard drive.
    • When you use third party applications to convert FAT file system to NTFS, sometimes the file system conversion process may get crashed due to an abrupt termination. Most of the times it results in loss of complete drive from your hard drive.
    • Sometimes file system of the storage drive may get corrupt, because of virus infection. Since the virus is malicious software, sometimes infection of which may result in inaccessibility of complete drive. If the inaccessible drive contains any of your important data then critical data loss is definite.

    Advantage of Lost Drive Recovery Tool:

    It works on Windows 7, Snow Leopard, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Yosemite, Windows Server 2008, Lion Mountain, Windows XP, and Mavericks. It allows you to regain all deleted or lost files on various partitions like RAID1, RAID5, and RAID0 partition. Recovers all types of files from lost drive such as images, Word documents, audio clips, executable files, spreadsheets, movie files, video files, games, zip archives, RAR files, PowerPoint files, PSD files, animations, and so on. You can recover lost files hard drive and from other data storage devices like USB hard dive, camcorders, smartphones, digital cameras, pen drive, xD cards, MMC cards, iPods, SD cards, CF cards, etc.

    In case, if you encounter with any sort of error message while recovering lost files then immediately contact technical support team via email or phone call. Preview the list of recovered files before restoring those files. Save the recovery process by using “Save Recovery Session” option to prevent rescanning of hard drive. It is designed and developed with a robust find option to search any file in the form of various file attributes like file name, file format, date of creation or modification, and file size.