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  • Exchange OST to PST File in Few Steps

    MS Outlook contains two file formats OST and PST. OST stands for Offline Storage Table and PST stands for Personal Storage Table. OST files are the replica copy of mailbox data on the Exchange server. If the mailbox is deleted due to certain reason from the server, an OST file becomes orphaned. Under such circumstances, if the original Exchange profile is not transformed then you can scan still work with Exchange server which is created earlier. The data in the old file can be easily recovered when you convert OST to PST file in order to overcome the limitations of OST file.

    If you are facing similar problem no need to worry, just make use of Exchange OST to PST to convert OST files in a perfect way. This tool is effective in exchanging OST files from different versions of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. By using this tool, you are able to exchange OST to PST file with few mouse clicks. This software is compatible with all the latest version of Windows (Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista). This software is available online that exchanges OST files across the globe.

    Reasons for conversion of OST files

    Virus Attack: Sometimes due to virus attack OST files get corrupted and become inaccessible. When you are connected infected system then there might be a chance that virus enter into the system. As a result of which OST file saved in system gets corrupted and become inaccessible.

    Incomplete Installation: Due to improper installation of Outlook application, the files get corrupted or damaged. The most common reason behind corruption of OST files is the improper installation of application. The user is forced to convert OST files in order to overcome the limitations.

    Oversize Issue: MS Outlook application is limited to some extent for every version. When file size of OST file will increase the limited file size, then it leads to corruption of OST file. In order to avoid such corruption of OST file, you need to exchange it to PST file.

    Improper closing: Sometimes Outlook application is closed abruptly due to certain reason such as power failure then there is chance that OST files get corrupter or damaged. Under such condition, you have to exchange OST file to overcome the issues.

    You can use this tool to exchange OST to PST without any issues. This software is capable in exchanging OST files on all the latest versions of Windows based system.

    Features of Exchange OST to PST Tool

    • Exchange OST to PST is a perfect tool that exchanges OST files on different versions of Microsoft Outlook.
    • It repairs damaged or corrupted OST tool after converting OST files.
    • You can get back different attributes of MS Outlook such as emails, settings, meetings, notes & other Outlook attributes.
    • This software includes easy step to convert OST to PST files with few mouse clicks.
    • Preview option is available that allow user to view exchanged OST file into PST file.
  • How to Recover Data from Failed Hard Drive?

    Hard drive is storing place for the users to store their different files. This drive supports to store man different file formats more than 300 file format. Some of them which are supported by the hard drive to store in it are IMG, JPEG, JPG, AVI, MP3, MP4, MOV, etc. With this facility, user really enjoy by storing different kinds of files in the hard drive. People may use this device as a backup storage purpose to store their important files.

    Hard disk drive can also called with many different names like HDD, hard drive, drive, etc. This drive is flat disk which rotates to read the data which is provided by the user for storing purpose. It uses magnetic technology for saving the files and it contains different components like motors, actuators, etc which is fitted in it. Many features like easy to use, speed performance, protect backup, high storage capacity, security protections of data, etc. are available with the hard drive. Due to this, many people prefer this disk for the storing of their important files.

    failed hard drive recovery

    But sometimes hard disk drive failed to works which results in loss of files from it. If the files are needed to you, then you need not to worry about the loss of files because there is a way to get back the files from the hard drive that is to make of use of recovering tool. But there are many tools available to recover lost files. Most of the tool won’t works till the end of the process of recovering data so you should be careful while selecting the tool. Here we suggest a tool named as Failed Hard Drive Recovery which helps to recover files from failed hard drive as this tool is program to perform entire process of recovering lost files. Before talking about this software, let us see the scenarios in which hard drive get fails.

    Scenarios in which hard drive get failed:

    There are some reasons for the failure of hard disk drive. One is mechanical reason and other is logical reason, these both reasons are responsible for process of failure of HDD. If the hard drive fails, then the files which were saved in that get erased.

    • Mechanical reason: If any rashes occur on the disk or if the drive gets broken, then it leads to the failure of the drive.
    • Logical reason: While coming to logical reasons. Corrupt of files system, accidental deletion, etc responsible for the failure of the hard drive.
    • Other reasons: Bad sector, software conflicts are the some other reason in which hard drive get failure.

    Whether the hard drive failed due to mechanical reason or logical reason or any other reasons, this Utility performs failed hard drive recovery with ease. As because it is equipped with so many advanced features which help user in easy way of recovering the files from failed hard drive. Let us see what are the advanced features involved in this tool.

    Advance features of this Tool:

    • This Software has the ability to retrieve the different files like audio, video, images, games, applications, MS files, etc.
    • Restore the files from the hard drive on different platforms of the both operating systems like Windows and Mac OS.
    • It uses save recovery session which actually save valuable time while performing recovering of files from failed hard disk drive.
  • Reliable Application to Restore Lost Files from Hard Drive

    Protection of files in hard drive without backup becomes very risky. Most of the computer users unaware of this phrase until and unless they face the data loss issues. Sometimes, it happens that your computer hard drive gets crashed or corrupted because of many reasons and you suffer from huge data loss. In such case, it is very common behavior of human being that getting panic or frustrated and unaware how to restore lost files from hard drive.

    Don’t be panic, you can easily get back all the lost files from hard disk by using Lost Drive Recovery software. It is one of the reliable application in recovering lost or deleted files and effectively works on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system. This recovery tool supports to restore lost files from different file system namely FAT16, HFS+, FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS, HFS, and NTFS5. More than 200 types of files are recovered by employing Lost Drive Recovery software on the basis of unique signature.

    Some of the common reasons that leads to data loss from hard drive are:

    • Sometime, when you mistakenly connect malware or virus infected portable drive to your laptop or PC, then, there are more possibility that virus get an entry into hard drive. It may damage or corrupt the file system and make all stored data inaccessible from hard drive.
    • In some situation when you associate external hard drive to your computer and it shows a format error like “format the drive” as soon as you this error in hurry if you press ok then it erase all files and folders stored in it. This results in huge amount of data loss from hard drive.
    • When you use third party applications to convert FAT file system to NTFS, sometimes the file system conversion process may get crashed due to an abrupt termination. Most of the times it results in loss of complete drive from your hard drive.
    • Sometimes file system of the storage drive may get corrupt, because of virus infection. Since the virus is malicious software, sometimes infection of which may result in inaccessibility of complete drive. If the inaccessible drive contains any of your important data then critical data loss is definite.

    Advantage of Lost Drive Recovery Tool:

    It works on Windows 7, Snow Leopard, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Yosemite, Windows Server 2008, Lion Mountain, Windows XP, and Mavericks. It allows you to regain all deleted or lost files on various partitions like RAID1, RAID5, and RAID0 partition. Recovers all types of files from lost drive such as images, Word documents, audio clips, executable files, spreadsheets, movie files, video files, games, zip archives, RAR files, PowerPoint files, PSD files, animations, and so on. You can recover lost files hard drive and from other data storage devices like USB hard dive, camcorders, smartphones, digital cameras, pen drive, xD cards, MMC cards, iPods, SD cards, CF cards, etc.

    In case, if you encounter with any sort of error message while recovering lost files then immediately contact technical support team via email or phone call. Preview the list of recovered files before restoring those files. Save the recovery process by using “Save Recovery Session” option to prevent rescanning of hard drive. It is designed and developed with a robust find option to search any file in the form of various file attributes like file name, file format, date of creation or modification, and file size.

  • Know Easy Way to Repair Outlook Data File on Windows 8

    Microsoft Outlook is well known application used for sending/receiving emails and specially designed to extract Outlook items from mail account to personal computer. This application helps user to create a profile of email account and synchronizes all necessary information. The profile is commonly known as Personal Storage Table (PST). Older version of Outlook PST file contains file size of 2GB, and advanced version of MS Outlook i.e. Outlook 2007 and 2010 has extended up to 50GB of storage capacity of PST file.

    Are you unable to access the corrupted Outlook PST file? Are you searching for the effective and trusted tool to repair Outlook PST file on Windows 8 OS? If yes, then this article helps to fix up your damaged Outlook data file by using Repair My PST software.

    Repair My PST is the effective repairing tool which supports on versions of MS Outlook including Outlook 2010, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. It is read only application which can also repairs password protected and highly encrypted PST file on Windows 8. Suppose, if you don’t know the exact location or path of corrupted Outlook PST file then this repair utility helps you to track the file. Repair My PST has also capability to get back deleted or lost Outlook items from PST file on Windows 8 are emails, appointments, RSS feeds, contacts, journals, notes, etc.

    Reasons that cause corruption or damage of Outlook PST file on Windows 8.

    • File Header plays a crucial role in managing of the code structure of the file format. Assume, if this file header gets damage or corrupt because of known or unknown reasons then the Outlook PST file becomes inaccessible.
    • Sometimes, you decide to upgrade your Microsoft Outlook from an older version to newer version in order to access advanced additional features. At this time, the files saved in previous version of Outlook may fails to synchronize and you can’t access PST files on Windows 8 operating system.
    • Malware or virus are the harmful malicious threats that infect on your system. Due to virus infection file system of the hard drive get corrupt and Outlook PST file becomes inaccessible.
    • Each and every MS Outlook version has limited storage capacity. If your PST data files cross the maximum limitation of storage capacity depending upon Outlook version then there is chance of corruption in Outlook PST file on Windows 8.

    Keys functionalities of Repair My PST Software:

    1. With the assist of this tool you can repair Outlook PST file on Windows 8 and other version of Windows OS like Windows Sever 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.
    2. It assist you to repair corrupted PST file without changing the original file.
    3. You can view the repaired Outlook PST file and restored MS Outlook attributes by using Outlook style browser.
    4. If you satisfied with performance of Repair My PST tool then immediately get the purchased edition to save fixed files on your system.
    5. You can communicate with the technical support members whenever you face issues while repairing corrupted Outlook PST file on Windows 8.
    6. This repair tool is cost effective and totally free from all malicious threats.

    Precautionary Measures to be Follow:

    • Install reliable and advanced anti-virus utility to scan your computer or laptop frequently.
    • Always close the PST file by using proper procedure.
    • Before using any external device in your system scan for viruses.
  • Customize Windows 8.1 Start Screens by Using Group Policy

    The Windows 8.1 Start Screen can be utilized as an important tool to all employees of respected organizations to be kept informed. One of the challenges faced by IT Professionals is the need to properly setup said Start Screen. This is to ensure employees gain immediate gratification in regards to the company dashboard like functionality a properly setup Start Screen can provide. Traditionally a Windows Server 2012 R2 Group Policy enforces the company wide Start Screen on behalf of the organization’s employees. However recently Power Shell was provided the ability via two cmd lets to export a customized Start screen and then import the configuration to the default user profile. This worked great for this client up until some point where it reverted to a very default Start Screen. It has the Desktop, PC, Control Panel, and other default tiles. This Step-By-Step will guide you through this process.

    Step 1: Defining and Exporting the Required Start Screen Layout

    • Setup the start screen on an existing Windows 8.1 machine as to the desired layout
    • Once the selected Start Screen has been customized and while still on the Start Screen type PowerShell
    • Highlight the searched app and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER on the keyboard to run PowerShell in elevated mode
    • Run the following command in the PowerShell console: export-start layout -as bin -path c: \customstartscreenlayout.bin –verbose

    Step 2: Importing the Customized Layout

    Once the Start screen customization file has been successfully created, the following PowerShell import cmdlet can be used to customize the default user profile on either on a live machine from an elevated PowerShell console, as part of a script to build a new machine, via a Microsoft Deployment Tool (MDT) task sequence or through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

    Run the following command in an elevated PowerShell console: import-startlayout -layoutpath c:\customstartscreenlayout.bin -mountpath %systemdrive%\

    Note: If you are facing any difficulty in customizing Windows 8.1 then you can check it out on official website of Technet.