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  • Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

    Hard Drive is a high capacity, self-contained storage device that contains a read-write mechanism. They used different interfaces such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc for data transfer. Laptop usually uses 2.5 inch hard drives. Hard drive data protection is one of the important aspects that a laptop user needs to deal with.  To protect laptop data, user must take some important measures. If proper care is not taken to keep it safe then the user may face loss of data from it. Most laptop users lose data from their laptop disk drives due to ignorance.

    Suppose you have lost more than 1 GB of precious data from your laptop hard drive. What would you do next? Do you stand idle or seek for a solution to recover laptop hard disk data without missing a single file. If you haven’t got any of the fine recovery solutions, then don’t worry; you can perform data recovery from laptop hard disk within a few simple steps using extremely powerful software called Laptop Disk Recovery software.

    Data Loss Scenarios for Laptop Hard Disk 

    • Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted data, user may select important data and then perform delete operation using simple delete key or shift + delete key combination.
    • Formatting the Hard Drive: During the process of hard drive formatting, you may select the other drive instead of the required one due to which you may lose your entire data stored on laptop hard disk.
    • Interruption during Data Transfer: While moving files from drive to any external drive, user may abruptly eject the external storage media which results in data from it.

    These are a few of the common causes where you lose data from laptop hard disk. You will have plenty of other reasons for loss of data from it. Nevertheless, you will get a permanent solution for these problems by using Laptop Disk Recovery software.

    Precautions: If you take some measures at proper time then the data can be protected. These measures are like taking backup of crucial data and regularly updating it, running a best antivirus application to keep viruses away from data etc. If these measures are not taken, large number of files and folders get lost from the laptop disk.

    Salient features of this software

    • This is the best tool for data recovery from laptop hard disk where the data has been deleted or lost due to any reason from your Windows or Mac laptops.
    • It has ability to retrieve files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT partitions / drives.
    • This product also recovers deleted or lost files from formatted, damaged drives.
    • The tool can restore data from formatted partitions, even after rebooting or even when the laptop hard drive has crashed or does not boot.
    • It has capability to locate and recover all types of files including photos, audios, videos, RAW photo files, etc.
    • It can bypass bad sectors by creating disk image.
    • Hence this is the best tool for data recovery from laptop hard disk. You can download the demo version of this utility and evaluate results. Later, you can buy the licensed version of this tool to save recovered data to any desired location.

    Easy steps to recover laptop hard drive data

    • Download and Run Laptop Disk Recovery Software and launch it on your laptop.
    • Now, you have to select Recover Drives from the home page and from the second screen select either Partition  Recovery or Formatted/ Re-formatted Recovery.
    • Select the Hard Drive from which the data needs to be recovered.
    • Now, the software starts scanning and recovery process.
    • After the recovery process, preview recovered data in “File Type View” or “Data View”.