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  • Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

    Hard Drive is a high capacity, self-contained storage device that contains a read-write mechanism. They used different interfaces such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc for data transfer. Laptop usually uses 2.5 inch hard drives. Hard drive data protection is one of the important aspects that a laptop user needs to deal with.  To protect laptop data, user must take some important measures. If proper care is not taken to keep it safe then the user may face loss of data from it. Most laptop users lose data from their laptop disk drives due to ignorance.

    Suppose you have lost more than 1 GB of precious data from your laptop hard drive. What would you do next? Do you stand idle or seek for a solution to recover laptop hard disk data without missing a single file. If you haven’t got any of the fine recovery solutions, then don’t worry; you can perform data recovery from laptop hard disk within a few simple steps using extremely powerful software called Laptop Disk Recovery software.

    Data Loss Scenarios for Laptop Hard Disk 

    • Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted data, user may select important data and then perform delete operation using simple delete key or shift + delete key combination.
    • Formatting the Hard Drive: During the process of hard drive formatting, you may select the other drive instead of the required one due to which you may lose your entire data stored on laptop hard disk.
    • Interruption during Data Transfer: While moving files from drive to any external drive, user may abruptly eject the external storage media which results in data from it.

    These are a few of the common causes where you lose data from laptop hard disk. You will have plenty of other reasons for loss of data from it. Nevertheless, you will get a permanent solution for these problems by using Laptop Disk Recovery software.

    Precautions: If you take some measures at proper time then the data can be protected. These measures are like taking backup of crucial data and regularly updating it, running a best antivirus application to keep viruses away from data etc. If these measures are not taken, large number of files and folders get lost from the laptop disk.

    Salient features of this software

    • This is the best tool for data recovery from laptop hard disk where the data has been deleted or lost due to any reason from your Windows or Mac laptops.
    • It has ability to retrieve files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT partitions / drives.
    • This product also recovers deleted or lost files from formatted, damaged drives.
    • The tool can restore data from formatted partitions, even after rebooting or even when the laptop hard drive has crashed or does not boot.
    • It has capability to locate and recover all types of files including photos, audios, videos, RAW photo files, etc.
    • It can bypass bad sectors by creating disk image.
    • Hence this is the best tool for data recovery from laptop hard disk. You can download the demo version of this utility and evaluate results. Later, you can buy the licensed version of this tool to save recovered data to any desired location.

    Easy steps to recover laptop hard drive data

    • Download and Run Laptop Disk Recovery Software and launch it on your laptop.
    • Now, you have to select Recover Drives from the home page and from the second screen select either Partition  Recovery or Formatted/ Re-formatted Recovery.
    • Select the Hard Drive from which the data needs to be recovered.
    • Now, the software starts scanning and recovery process.
    • After the recovery process, preview recovered data in “File Type View” or “Data View”.
  • Know Basics about DiskPart Command Line

    Disk Part is a command line tool that is used to create or resize, view the disk partitions by using scripts or direct input from the command line. It can be sued to extend the existing partitions by using unallocated space shown in Disk Management.

    Important features of Disk Part utility

    • It supports the use of scripts to automate its usage.
    • It can be used to convert a basic disk into a dynamic disk or vice versa.
    • It doesn’t operate in a single-line mode; instead Disk Part commands are read from standard input / output (I/O).
    • Also facilitates explicit control of partitions and volumes.

    Important Points to Remember:

    • To run Disk part utility, you have to type “diskpart” at the command prompt and then press Enter.
    • Then user can run the command inside the Disk part environment.
    • After completion just type “exit” to leave the Disk part environment.

    Some of the commands that are associated with Disk Part utility:

    List Disks: It will list all the drives that are connected to the system, so that user can get complete details about the drives that are connected to the system.

    Select Disk Q: Select destination disk where image will be stored and Q represents the Disk number to be selected).

    Detail Disk: If the user is unsure of the disk selected, this command will give you more information about it.

    List Volume: To list the volume on your selected disk.

    Select Volume P: To select the volume where the image will be stored and P represents the Volume number to be selected.

    Delete partition: It deletes the partition on the basic disk.

    Clean: It removes any or all the partition or volume formatting from the disk.

    Exit: To exit Disk Part, keeps the command prompt open.

  • How to Convert Outlook OST to PST File?

    Microsoft Outlook is a personal application program designed by Microsoft. There are different versions of MS Outlook such as 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. OST (Offline Storage Table) and PST (Personal Storage Table) are two file formats of Outlook files. The different attributes available for Outlook are emails, calendars, organizers, notes, reminders, etc. OST files have several limitations so there is need to convert OST files into PST file. You are able to convert OST to PST file using OST-PST Converter tool with great ease. It is user friendly and robust application since it recovers files keeping original file unchanged or unmodified. OST to PST converter is capable in converting OST file with few mouse clicks. This software is compatible with all the latest version of Windows such as XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, and Windows 2010.

    Reason for conversion of OST file into PST file

    Virus Attack: Virus is small program to perform some task to amend OST file. If similar action happens on system, it means that virus is intruded in system. As a result of which files get deleted or lost.

    Improper closing: OST files get corrupted if file is closed abruptly. After abrupt closing of OST files there is high possibility that files get corrupted and become inaccessible.

    Incomplete Installation: If error happens during reinstallation, installation and upgrading of MS Outlook then there is chance that OST files corruption.

    Oversize Issue: The size limit of OST files is limited to some extent in each and every version of MS Outlook. When the file size of OST file exceeds the limited file size, then it may result in corruption of OST file.

    Network Problem: During OST to PST conversion if there is power failure then the conversion process get interrupted. As a result of which OST file get corrupted and user is not able to access those files.

    Above mentioned scenarios can be overcome using this effective tool. This software is one of the best tools to convert files in few simple steps. This software is compatible with all the latest version of Windows such as XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2010, etc.

    Features of OST-PST Converter Tool

    • OST-PST Converter tool is an advance tool which is installed easily on all the latest version of Windows.
    • This software is compatible with all the version of Microsoft Outlook.
    • OST-PST Converter tool requires very less space for installation of this application.
    • This software is capable in recovering all the attributes of Outlook files such as emails, calendars, organizers, notes, reminders, etc.
    • Demo version is available so that user can test the effectiveness of this application before purchasing. It is 100% trustworthy and secure application since it is free from virus/malware attack.
    • It is easy to convert password protected OST files using OST-PST Converter tool.
    • OST-PST Converter tool is one the fastest application to perform conversion from Offline Storage Table to Personal Storage Table in few simple steps without any issue.
  • Basics About Keyboards and Key Assignment for Windows

    Some of the keys on the Mac keyboard are temporarily reassigned to a different function when you start in Windows on your Mac. After you install Windows, you need to install Windows support software which includes the Mac drivers and other support software required for Windows to understand the Extended Function keys on Apple keyboards. Although Apple doesn’t support the use of Windows keyboards, Microsoft provides a keyboard mapping article for attempting to use a Windows Keyboard in Mac OS X.

    The following are the primary key substitutions on the Windows keyboard, and their Macintosh equivalents.

    Windows                                Macintosh

    CONTROL                           COMMAND (for most shortcuts) or CONTROL

    ALT                                       OPTION

    Windows/Start                        COMMAND/Apple

    BACKSPACE                       DELETE

    DELETE                                DEL

    SHIFT                                   SHIFT

    ENTER                                  RETURN

    About character mapping in Windows for international keyboards:

    You can determine the key combinations used to access unique characters for the language and region your Apple keyboard is designed to support by following some steps.

    • Download, install, and open the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. This will allows you to view any of the supported Apple-specific keyboard layouts that were installed in Windows.
    • Select File > Load Existing Keyboard
    • Choose the keyboard you want to see. Locate the country name in the keyboard list which is followed by “(Apple)”.
    • Follow the instructions provided with the application. You can print images of the keyboard in various states (such as when holding the Shift key).

    Note: To know more about keyboards and key assignment for Windows, you can check it out on official website of Apple Inc.

  • How to Convert Outlook OST to PST File?

    OST and PST files are the two important data files which are connected together with Microsoft Outlook application. These files holds all the information while using Outlook offline or online mode. Outlook Offline Storage Table (OST) file as the name indicate its works on offline mode that is when the Mail Exchange Server is not connected to internet. Once the Outlook application is associated with network, the changes or modification made in MS Outlook OST file will get automatically synchronized. MS Outlook application has different versions such as Outlook 2010, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, etc.

    Sometimes, many of the Outlook users face the damage or corruption in Offline Storage file this is due to many issues such as network problem, virus attack, incomplete installation, abrupt closing of Outlook application, oversize file, and many other factors. To overcome all these issues download and install OST PST Converter software on your computer or laptop to convert damaged OST file to new PST data file.

    General issues that are responsible for OST to PST conversion are as follows:

    • OST file will automatically get synchronized, once the Mail Exchange Server is connected to internet and whatever the modification made in offline mode will be updated in server. During this process if any kind of interruption occurs then there may possibility of encountering synchronization error messages.
    • Oversized issue is also lead to the corruption of the file. The size of OST file will be fixed in each and every Outlook version. Suppose your OST data file exceeds its maximum storage capacity, then there is a chance of corruption or damage in Offline data file.
    • Usually, many MS Outlook clients will try to upgrade older Outlook version to newer version to get the advanced features of upgraded version. Sometimes, after successful upgrading to new version the MS Outlook OST file may not support due to compatibility issues, which finally leads to damage or corruption of OST file.
    • One of the general factor behind OST file damage or corruption is virus or worms attack, if your computer or laptop hard drive is infected with dangerous virus then OST file gets corrupted and you couldn’t able to access it.
    • MS Outlook OST file may get corrupt or damage due to improper termination. Sudden existing of Offline Storage Table file while accessing of data these happens because of different factors such as power failure, abrupt system turn off, software issues, etc.

    Advantages of OST PST Converter Tool:

    OST PST Converter software is very easy to use due to its GUI features so that even new users can convert corrupted or damaged OST data file easily. OST to PST converter supports all popular versions of Windows operating system like Windows Server 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, and Windows XP. It can also recovers various Outlook attributes such as journals, appointments, contacts, RSS feeds, notes, email messages, calendars, tasks, and so on. With the help of this converter tool you convert highly encrypted and password protected Exchange Outlook OST files.

    It also provides you free version to check the performance of the tool. It is designed with powerful conversion techniques so that severely damaged Outlook OST file can be converted to new PST file and saved on desired location. OST PST Converter application does not damage the original files and also repairs the damaged OST data file. Once you get complete satisfaction you can purchase the full version to get the benefits of this software.

  • Solution to Recover Files from Digital Camera

    Consider an instance, last weekend you went tour to one of the famous place with family members and you took digital camera to capture some snap sorts. It was your most memorable tour with family and you clicked lots of pictures and recorded videos. After returning from the tour, on same day evening your close friend came and borrowed digital camera from you and formatted the camera SD card. And remember that you forgot to take back up of those files from digital camera. Soon, you called to friend and ask for camera but by this it was very late and immediately takes back digital camera from friend. In this situation you may get into deep problem and may look to recover camera files.

    Don’t freak out! When you encountered with this type of situation, as the technology is developing tremendously. With the help of recovery tool, now it is possible to recover camera files easily. By completely reading this blog, you come across the most admired software like Camera File Recovery Toolkit which will help in restoring camera files effortlessly. Before, starting retrieving procedure lets have a glance on some common factors which lead to deletion of files from digital cameras.

    In what circumstances the files from digital camera gets deleted:

    • Assume that, digital camera is connected to system via USB cable and it displays a message drive not formatted, do you want to format? This situation occurs mainly due to digital camera is affected by viruses and may ask for format the SD card drive. So without any other option you will have to format the card.
    • When the digital camera processing read and write task internally, during this process if you suddenly ejected or removed camera memory card. Then, the files stored in memory card may get lost or deleted.
    • If user by mistake click on the delete button from the digital camera which will cause deletion of files.
    • You want to click some photos and video from digital camera, at that time camera’s memory is full. Forcefully, you have deleted some of the files from digital camera to make space in memory card and results in loss of files.
    • Accidentally press the restore button from the setting menu of digital camera. The different files stored in camera device will completely erase and this type of operation may cause huge loss of data. So user should use digital camera very carefully.
    • There may be other reasons for deletion of files from digital cameras such as interruption in file transfer process, due to antivirus program, etc.

    Have a look some amazing features of Camera File Recovery Toolkit:

    This software is packed with smart and strong recovery module techniques. Using the inbuilt scanning algorithm you can quickly scan the entire digital camera memory card in order to recover camera files. This utility ideally retrieve data from camera on both Mac and Windows based PC. It is all in one file recovery tool and can easily get back file after memory card formatted or unexpected deletion of files and more. It has capacity to rescue different media files like pictures, audios and videos with ease.

    Software can effectively restores photos of various file format PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, JPG, etc and it also restores raw images like CR2, NEF, DNG, KDC, and so on. This application has Save Recovery Session which allows user to save present scanning process. It is proficient in recovering camera files of various brands such as Samsung, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc. Camera recovery software is also facilitates in restoring various video and audio file format like MP4, AMR, AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP3, MIDI respectively.