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  • Solution To Restore Data After Windows Error

    Computers are widely used for verity of proposes and various locations. We all need our computer to perform in a very smooth, fast and in a user friendly manner but many times we have met many errors that block us from easy use of computers. Errors can occur in any version of Windows either it is Windows7, Windows XP or Windows 8. There are situations when an unexpected condition occurs or a desired operation fails, which results in Windows errors. Errors how serious it may be , it cause our programs to freeze or crash and user will not be allowed to run any programs as well. This also results in data loss.

    Even if we have seen many errors related to Windows, we are not familiar about the reason for the particular error condition. It is appreciative to have knowledge on various Windows errors that cause data loss. Here I like describe few of the unexpected conditions that we come through commonly.

    Blue Screen Error: It may be a very common and deadly error that most of us have faced. When we switch on the computer a blue screen welcomes us and we will not be able to perform any action and so this situation is considered as a deadly error. The major reason for this error is due to the collapsing of Windows operating system. How the Windows OS collapse? The main reasons are Operating system malfunction, installing of contradictory software etc. This situation requires a sudden attention in order to minimize data loss.

    Windows Raw Partition: Many of have not checked this, just right click on your Windows partition, go to properties and check for ‘file system’ field. If it is showing RAW, then your system is facing error that has to be cleared in order to avoid data loss. Partition disk which are not formatted or which does not have any file systems are referred as RAW partitions.

    Windows Boot Error: Undesirable change in boot sector area of the system results in boot error. There are many factors that cause this. It can be due to malicious virus programs which alter the boot setting. Similarly it can occur due to users’ mistake while he performs some system settings in order to increase the performance.

    Critical Hard Drive Error: Due to the presence of bad sectors or due to any hard drive problems user may face huge data loss and may lead to failure of operating system

    These are some of the situations of data loss due to Windows errors. How to overcome this critical condition of data loss. We have to search for Windows error recovery tools in order to fix Windows errors and recover the data. Here I like to make you familiar with the best software to recover Windows errors that can be used in all versions of Windows OS and can handle various types of errors related to the same. The salient features of the application are shown below.

    • It is the perfect Windows error recovery software that can restore data from the formatted partitions of the hard drive and even from the re installed Windows. The application can recover the data within few minutes.
    • It recovers data from hard drive which is crashed or does not boot. Application is able to recover data from deleted partitions or which cannot be accessed.
    • Windows error recovery application can recover more than 300 types of files including documents, spread sheets, emails, zipped archives etc
    • “Save Recovery Session” option in the application allows user to resume the scanning process from the particular location it was interrupted before.