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  • Preeminent Tool to Recover PST File Over 2GB

    If you are using earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook regularly then you definitely come to know the fact that PST file has the maximum size limit of 2GB. That means up to this limit you can store all your attributes like emails, calendars, tasks, journals, appointments, notes, etc. When you go on storing huge number of files on this PST file then there arises an issue for storage space which might cross its maximum storage capacity. Often you might come across this PST over sizing issues, in such situations corruption issues strikes an Outlook and also other problems starts to arise.

    How this PST file gets oversize?

    MS Outlook 2002 and other lower versions have the size limit of PST file to 2GB. PST file exceed its maximum storage capacity of 2GB size limitation when you start stuffing more number of files without checking the status of the file. Moreover this situation might also arise when a particular file is not cleared for a very long period of time. Oversize of the PST file also occurs when you store many unnecessary items, big attachments in emails, etc. When this PST file crosses its limit then you will not be able to access your Outlook or add any new data on them. MS Outlook doesn’t have a solution for this problem, the only way to solve this issue is by using this best software to recover PST file over 2GB which can easily recover oversized PST file efficiently.

    When the PST file gets oversized you might encounter some of the symptoms as mentioned below

    If you try to access an oversized PST file then you see the error message displayed as “.pst file cannot be accessed” or “errors have been detected in the .pst file”, etc.  When you try to add any new files on this oversized PST file then the following error messages are displayed like “file cannot be added to the folder, this action cannot be complete” or file .pst has already reached its maximum size”, etc. As a result of this event the problem such as syncing and inaccessibility of the files becomes a common issue.

    How to recover PST file over 2GB?

    Microsoft Outlook Oversized PST file can make you disgust and frustration if it is not solved within a time. As it also results in corruption of PST by which you lose huge amount of data stored on them. In such an instances just rely on this professional Outlook PST file repair software that effectively repairs oversized Outlook PST file with ease and open the recovered Outlook file. By using this site, you come to know how to open recovered Outlook file within a span of few seconds.

    Salient features of this Oversized PST repair software

    • Has an advanced in- built algorithm that repairs corrupted PST file when scanpst.exe fails to repair.
    • Easily repairs damaged PST file when it is password protected.
    • Effectively retrieves corrupted PST file caused due to compression.
    • Previews data before actual recovery.
    • Supports to repair Oversized PST file on different versions of Windows OS.