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  • Best way to recover files from crashed external hard drive

    External hard drives are also known as portable hard drives. It is the most popular storage devices because of its portability, capacity and the main thing is low cost. Using external hard drive users can conveniently maintain a backup of their important data. As the popularity of portable hard drive increases, its usage also increases. It is regarded as the best means to store huge amount of data. Though is normally used as a backup device, so any kind of files loss from it results in enormous loss. Like other storage drive, external hard drive users are also experiencing data loss problem. In this article you will get source to solve all the data loss issues related to external hard drive.

    External hard drives are prone to corruption due to logical errors and results in huge amount of data loss from it. Losing vital data or files due to external hard drive crash, makes you feel frustrated. The main reason behind logical errors is virus attack on the portable hard drives. You can easily overcome from this circumstance if you have a backup of your external hard drive data or your PC or laptop. If don’t have any backup, then you need a crashed drive recovery software to restore crashed external hard drive data.

    Factors due to which an external hard can get crashed:

    • Improper ejection:  The first and the common reason behind hard drive crash is the improper removal of the external hard drive, without ejecting it properly. The user faces this type of problem with other portable storage drives also. As in this speedy world, due to lack of time users eject the external hard drive directly. Forcible removal of external hard drive results in crashed hard drive.
    • Spyware or Malware infection: Viruses infection on external hard drive is another common reason for the data loss from external hard drive. This situation occurs when a drive is attacked by severe viruses and you do scanning by using virus protection program or any third party utility programs. Virus programs delete the infected files from the external hard drive.
    • Improper system shut down: Removing external hard drive while transferring data between external hard drive and computer or vice versa also result hard drive crashed. This improper shutdown of the system could result in corruption of files leading to external hard drive crash.
    • MBR Corruption: Master boot record (MBR) corruption is another common reason for hard drive crash. MBR is the most critical part of file systems. It contains master boot code and master table. MBR corruption leads to the external hard drive crash and you lost all your critical data stored on the external hard drive.

    Way to overcome from external hard drive corruption issue:

    Crashed hard drive recovery application is the fabulous program to retrieve crashed hard drive. The software uses advanced built in algorithm to identify and retrieve all lost and deleted files from your external hard drive. Additionally it not only recovers data from USB drives but also supports recovery of data from formatted internal hard disk and many other storage devices. By using the program you can recover all the data from crashed external hard drive, within few clicks. This software is able to retrieve deleted data from a removable disk drive on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, 2008 and Mac OS. You can use this application to get back Windows HD.

    Procedure to recover crashed external hard drive data using this software:

    Download and install crashed hard drive recovery software to your system. Attach the external hard drive to the system. Run the crashed HDD recovery program and keep an eye on the main screen procedure. Click on recover partitions or drives button. After this in next window, select formatted / re-formatted recovery. The software performs a deep sans and shows all the logical and external drives present on the system. Tick on external hard drive and click on next button. The tool scans the drive and displays all the recoverable files in two distinct view types data view and file type view. These views will eases your search and preview the files. After previewing the files and save the recovered files to your desired location.

    Things to remember

    • Create a backup of your important files and folders.
    • Immediately stop using the external hard drive after facing data loss.
    • As you connect your external hard drive with your PC or laptop scan it before opening.