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  • Methods to recover corrupt SD memory card data

    SD card is a memory device that is portable and is carried easily from one location to another. SD means secure digital and it is available in various brands like Kingston, ScanDisk, Toshiba, Transcend etc. various data storing capacities and appearances. The SD standard is maintained by Secure Digital card association (SDA). This non-volatile storage device format is used in different devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, GPS navigation devices and more.

    SD memory card can be used in different devices or a computer that’s why it is more prone to corruption due to number of reasons such as human mistakes, malware attack, formatting, etc. Thus the data stored in the SD card becomes inaccessible and you may end up losing all your valuable data.

    Think about a situation that the SD card which you have used in Pentax digital camera was abruptly removed by one of your friend while clicking pictures. When you connected the SD memory card to your computer you were unable to access the data as the files stored on the memory card had become corrupt and you lost all the data. After this incident, you were worried and wondering how to recover corrupt SD card data as the pictures were precious to you. But, you will be surprised to hear that you can easily recover data from corrupted memory card by using Memory card recovery software. This file recovery software is specifically designed by industry experts to restore corrupt SD card data. Apart from abrupt removal, you can come across many more data loss scenarios which are listed below:

    Some possible data loss scenarios:

    • Malware attack on the memory card can corrupt the files making them inaccessible and you will be losing all your stored files.
    • By mistake selecting “Delete All” button while trying to delete some files from memory card on digital camera leading to complete loss of photos stored on camera.
    • If you format the memory card or any other storage device accidentally without taking backup of stored files results in data loss.
    • Improper way of mounting memory card on the computer will corrupt the memory card and thus the stored data becomes inaccessible which in turn leads to loss of data.
    • Capturing and deleting files rapidly when the memory card is full results in memory card corruption leading to data loss.

    The data lost because of any of these reasons can be retrieved if you have a backup of your lost data. In case you do not have backup of lost data then you can try memory card recovery tool which is the perfect answer for the question how to recover data from memory card? This tool comes with powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire SD memory card sector by sector to identify files types and restore them by using file attributes. This tool provides all the necessary file recovery modules which will help you to retrieve the deleted or lost data with complete folder hierarchy.

    Just click here to get the free version of the memory card recovery utility and install the recovery software on your computer’s hard drive. After installing the recovery software simply double click on the desktop icon to launch the software. Now select appropriate recovery options which you come across during file recovery process and once the data restoration process is over you can evaluate the performance of the software and if the free version recovers all your lost files then you can purchase the full version of the software available on the internet.