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  • Method to recover memory card

    Generally memory card users believe that when any file is erased from stored location then it can’t be rescued again. But this is not an actual scenario, whenever any file is deleted from memory card or stick, it keep persisting there until and unless it is overwritten by any other file. So, if any users need to have those files then he need to use Recover Memory Card. Recover Memory Card easily scans entire card and recover memory card files within few minutes of its application.

    There are number of reasons of data loss from memory card like virus attack, improper ejection, usage of camera while having low battery, accidental deletion, accidental format, etc. Of this reasons virus attack is the one which keep happening to the users of memory card. Lets suppose a scenario where you have attached your memory card to computer for making changes to the card. While making changes in the card its file system got corrupted due to this each of the files on the card became inaccessible. Therefore if any user wishes to recover damaged memory card he or she need to use Recover Memory Card. This tool meets the requirements of the users and retrieves each of the lost files in few minutes.

    Another common reason for file loss from memory card is due to application of third party software. Let’s have a real time example of third party software. It generally seen that some of the game files are treated by some of the third party antivirus as virus, thus deleting them as soon as they track them. Since we know that if any of the files of programs such as game gets missing then it won’t install properly. So if any user needs to restore such files then he or she need to use Recover Memory Card. But, before reinstating any file by usage of Recover Memory Card users need to take proper care of certain things like:

    • Stop use of memory card as long as recovery of desired files is not done.
    • Downloading and execution of Recover Memory Card software should be done at different location so that overwriting doesn’t occur.
    • Do not format or reformat card from where retrieval of files are required.

    Some of the promising features of Recover Memory Card tool are:

    • Recover Memory Card easily recovers all files from memory stick.
    • Recover Memory Card is well-suited with different versions of Windows operating system.
    • Retrieved files can be stored on the basis of file name, size, extension, and creation date.
    • This software has strong Scanning algorithm scans the entire memory card within couple of minutes.
    • Allows you to recover each of the media files from virus infected external drive.
    • Recover Memory Card has user friendly graphic user interface.

    Thus by visualizing Recover Memory Card outstanding features we can state that, it can be deployed for restoration of media files with ease. You can easily download the trial version of this software from internet.

  • Tips to Retrieve Lost iPod Files

    IPod is mostly utilized by music lovers as it is a portable digital media player utilized to store many photos including videos, audio files etc. iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod classic and iPod Shuffle are the different versions of iPod. There’s a very important factor that can allow you to upset and that is loss of data from iPod due to logical problems and further to obtain lost data you need to recover iPod.

    There are several reasons mentioned due to which, you might have lost precious data from iPod and you might have to recover iPod.
    • Failure of synchronization of iPod data with iTunes due to interruption or another reason leads to deletion of all stored files on iPod.
    • Restoring iPod to its factory settings results into loss of data from iPod.
    • After connection of iPod to system, your system may throw error message like, “drive not formatted, would you like to format it now?” after connection

    So in every these three cases, you have to recover iPod before starting process of recovery be aware of reasons behind such sort of errors, the actual way it results in loss of data and just what would be the steps to transport in the future in order to avoid such loss of data.

    1] What happen when you synchronize iPod data with iTunes software?
    Whenever you synchronize iPod data with iTunes then iPod generates the identical copy of iTune library. For those who have deleted some files from iTune library then after synchronizing you cannot find those files in iPod too. In the event if default auto synchronization choice is enabled your system automatically carry synchronization technique of iPod data with iTunes quickly as you connect iPod to computer and you may face loss of data situations from iPod.

    2] What happen when you restore iPod for the factory settings and situations where you have to restore it?
    When you restore iPod to its factory setting then all stored data from iPod get completely deleted from iPod and also you face loss of data. You might restore iPod for the factory setting accidently or you require it to revive whenever you iPod is frozen, corrupted or not-responding.

    3] The way to handle format error in iPod?
    Connect you your iPod along with other device and you can check whether is in working order or not, because sometimes compatibility issues caused it to be inaccessible. However, if you facing same error then use iPod recovery tool recover it. Next format this iPod and again check if you are able to recover more data from this. Because formatting of iPod does not always mean permanent loss of data from this.

    So it is always better to keep a backup of important files to avoid loss of data otherwise in most such cases to recover iPod you should employ the very best iPod recovery software. This iPod recovery software helps to recover iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Classic etc. Many has advanced scan engine which assists to recoup iPod data in very small amount of time period. iPod recovery becomes very easy employing this software due to its advanced technique which software programs are compatible with all latest versions of Windows. This software is available in free demo version which you can download applying this link and try to recover iPod data.


  • Way to recover the video files from USB drive

    USB sort form of Universal Serial Bus that is a device used to store data. This is a device which is attach to the system and is used to save the data. The device is so portable and easy to use that it became the most prominent device among users. The device is basically used to exchange the data, keeping back up files.

    This USB device is so popular as each and every system have USB port to connect to system. Computers have minimum 3 USB ports nowadays one or two in the front and the remaining ones at the back. Not only computers but also USB port is supported by a large range of products. Therefore, instead of parallel or serial port usually computers are enriches with the USB ports that are user-friendly.

    Previously the port was denoted as plug-and-play port that is because it can be used with ease. People who are not technology or hardware aware or friendly to them can also use USB port. No matter what the OS is or what the machine is it supports all types of OS. Windows and Mac are the most commonly used OS and are supported by USB ports. When the starting of USB was made then from that time the demand to use serial ports and parallel printer ports were reduced and till data it comes to negligible state. USB hub is other medium to connect more USB that is patron, which can connect up to 127 devices.

    Therefore, when there is a need of extra memory device then you can use USB drives. All the files in fact sometimes the backups are saved in the USB drives. Though USB have many features then also it cannot skips from corruption or loss of files. However, there is a threat of loss files from your USB drives but you need not to worry as there are number of ways to get the file back from USB. Let, consider in a case, if you want to restore videos files from formatted USB drives then what you are going to do.

    Suppose in a scenarios your important data had been deleted from your USB. Unknowingly you formatted your USB drive and later you came to know that there was important data in it. You still have a chance, the only condition you need to follow is you have to avoid saving anything on USB. If the condition is followed then the data will be in recoverable mode. Hence you have to stop using your USB drive the time when you realize that your important data is deleted.

    When you want the data back from your USB then you have to do one thing. Indeed, you can do it by your own. Just download the software, install it in your system. Later on, you will be get the features of the recovery and using those features you will be able to do recovery. Better to try for the demo version so that recovery software can be judged before complete download, this will save your money and will save your time valuable then money.

  • How to repair corrupted DOC files

    Microsoft initiated Doc file format along with many features of Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2010. It is a latest file format, and is quite different from previous versions of doc file formats. You may perhaps produce and edit docx document using Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. Doc files can even be used in earlier versions of Word documents with a supplementary patch file. There is availability of other text editors that can open and edit docx documents. But doc is much improved with large storage space and also assists easy sharing of Word documents. However, doc files are also prone to corruption. So it will be painful when we lose our important data. Reasons of file corruption are listed down.

    Universal causes of doc files loss:-

    • Unfortunate shutdown of system: – Inappropriate system shutdown could make the doc files corruption which is being used. Normally when system gets shutdown, it closes all files which are kept open. Whenever computer is unexpectedly gets shutdown or it could be crashed due some interior problems, then doc files will be corrupted and become inaccessible.
    • File system corruption: – typically file system could be corrupted due to some unexpected logical errors. When a file system gets corruption, in this condition doc formatted Word files will become inaccessible / corrupted by losing its content.
    • Macro Virus: – Virus occupation on your system may corrupt entire files. Virus affected doc files will be lost/inaccessible.
    • Deletion using “Shift + Del” keys: – You may accidentally delete doc files by “Shift + Del” keys option, and then these .doc files can bypass the Recycle Bin folder. It will then results you to mislay crucial Word files.
    • Improper power supply: – Improper power supply could make your doc files inaccessible or may corrupt.
    • Human errors: – You may delete precious file accidentally instead of any unwanted doc files. Similarly, you could format your system’s hard drive. Then it may lead to severe data loss.

    So, doc file repair software will assist you to repair doc file. This software is much competent and dependable. It is a function that can easily fix severely corrupted Word documents and also doc documents of previous versions of MS Word. It is award-winning software and does not change your original smashed doc files during repair process. Instead, it does only read operation on contaminated doc files. It extracts all content and makes a fresh file with earlier data. It will simply fix Word documents of any size and repairs broken doc files due to compression or encryption.

    It’s awfully developed algorithms could easily recover various attributes like hyperlinks, macro programs, OLE objects, text formats, etc., from the corrupted doc files. You can use this software to repair corrupted/inaccessible Word documents.

    Just download the demo version and run the software. It scans the entire hard drive in few minutes and repairs all tarnished/inaccessible doc files in single scan. It is necessary to buy the full version of this software to save the repaired data.