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  • Hard Drive recovery

    With the increasing usage of digital technologies in this world. This era has turned into a digital age. In this age of digital world, almost everybody relies on their computer and hard drive to store their important files. Some even store their important memories like pictures of their first wedding anniversary on their hard drive. The data we store in our hard disk drive could be extremely precious to us.

    Hard disks are most commonly used secondary storage device used in variety of personal computers, laptops, desktops, servers, and other consumer devices to store large amount of data since it provides larger storage capacity i.e. up to 2 TB. All your data will be stored digitally, which will be stored in the form of magnetic pulses on the hard disks. Hard drive is a separate disk on your computer where you can divide memory into separate sections called partitions. This will separate one physical hard drive into multiple independent drives which helps us to separate our program files and system files.

    What people save on their computer drive is usually very important and they believe that the data stored on their hard disk drives are 100% safe. However, accidents and crashes happen and your hard drives fail for many different reasons.

    Suppose you have stored the most memorable pictures of your life i.e. the photos of your London trip in your hard drive. In order to make your computer virus free you formatted your 80GB partition of your hard drive and you forgot to keep back up of your data from the formatted partition. Now when you open your computer partition is present but the Pictures are not there!!! This is a usual process where most of the users format their hard disk intentionally or accidentally but don’t back up their data and later rush to restore the deleted data.

    You need not to panic!!! Luckily there are several ways to restore the lost data from emptied partition with the help of powerful hard drive recovery software. It has resulted in development of recovery tools that are created for specific storage devices, various types of data and scenarios.

    However, in future you may face some more relevant scenarios which results in data loss as mentioned above. So have a look at those scenarios mentioned below:

    The data can be lost due to human errors such as accidental deletion of partition while trying to relocate free space among partitions may result in deletion of existing partition. Improper shutdown of computer which does not allow user to access windows/partitions/drives. Ejecting your pen drive abruptly when it’s connected to your PC may also result in loss of data.

    Errors are generated during conversion of file systems like FAT to NTFS may also result in data loss. When the user creates new partitions using third party tools partitioning errors are generated. Partitions get corrupted when there is a power surge which eventually makes windows inaccessible. As result of which you may lose your important data.

    There are many such scenarios where the user loses their data. Whatever may be the reason but the result will be same i.e. loss of data. If you face data loss due to any such reason you should not use your hard disk to add any new data to the hard drive, if not your original existing data will be overwritten which may result in loss your data forever.

    Thus in order to solve this problem you can use hard drive recovery tools which is reviewed by Industry experts that will help you to recover data from hard drive.

    This software provides all necessary data recovery modules, which helps you to retrieve your lost data easily. It can recover data from deleted/missing volumes, formatted/re-formatted volumes and re-partitioned drives. Using this software you can recover files with complete folder hierarchy from a formatted drive or partitions. However, the tool also helps you to recover data from inaccessible partitions. For those who have lost their valuable data from USB flash drive, memory cards etc. then this software allows retrieving USB drive partition data in few simple steps.

    When you select the drive recovery software, try the trial version of the program from online and do the installation on the hard disk drive of your computer. Select the appropriate options from the screen and evaluate the results once the recovery process is completed. If you are satisfied with the results using trial version, later you can buy its full version.



  • Recover Data from formatted Drive

    Nowadays losing important files and folders from storage drive is becoming a major issue to the computer users across a globe. Deletion of valuable pictures, business documents, emails and videos could be very painful situation for the user and may even result in loss in important project files. Are you worried about your lost files? No need to panic, here is an appropriate solution for data loss problem. One can easily recover files by using my file recovery application. My file recovery tool performs a deep scan and retrieves deleted or lost files from drive.

    There are many reasons for data loss from storage drive in which formatting is the common one. Most of the users store their confidential files in their system hard drive, even after following precaution sometime users are suffering from data loss problem. As there are some unavoidable cases in which stored files and folders disappear unknowingly from the stored location.

    Unintentional deletion, accidental drive format, software failure are some of the common data loss situation. Generally, formatting a drive will never erase the files permanently, only the reference pointer which contains its address are removed and space occupied with that file is marked as free. With the help of my file recovery tool, one can easily restore files after format only in few mouse clicks.

    FAT corruption can also be another reason for data loss from storage drive. Most of the time users lose their important files because of this only. File Allocation Table (FAT) is the most critical and important part because it is necessary for booting of an operating system. The FAT may get corrupted when the users improperly shut down his computer without following the correct process or it may get corrupted when your system shuts down abruptly due to improper power supply or due to power failure. It causes damage to the FAT table and results in a huge data loss to the user. However, you can recover data from storage drive after FAT table corruption with the help of my file recovery software.

    System crash is the other main reason for data loss from storage drive. Due to improper system shutdown or due to accidental rebooting bad sectors gets created on hard disk. Bad sector does not allow operating system to read and write data from that particular sector. Virus or malware infection from the internet or from any other storage device is another reason for System crash.

    Crashed drive can bring you a lot of trouble as you might lose all of your important files and folders. In such data loss situation go for file recovery software for Windows and restore your data back from crashed drive, you can also use this software to recover data from Mac computer.

    To recover your lost file, first download free trial version of this application from internet. This tool facilities you to have a preview of all your recovered files. if results of the demo version is satisfactory for you then you can download its full version to save your recovered data.